▼Queer as F*ck a 1 AN = PARTY ▼

14 Dec 2019 21:30
→ 15 Dec 2019 01:30
Lokarria, Dj Radikal.e
42 rue des Postes - Lille
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📣 CALLING ALL QUEEEERZ (and their friends)

🎉 QAF is 1 year old 🎂

O you mysterious creature of queer nights in Lille, just let go on the dancefloor for the criss of big party of 1 year of Queer As F * ck 💦

For a night, life belongs to us and we can say ...

GOODBYE to our eco-anxiety in overwork
FUCK the crackdown on our wonderful squats
FUCK transphobia and homolesobobiphobia
FUCK to domination, oppression and exploitation

/// and ///

Long live our magical and multiple loves
Long live revolts and artists who recreate a livable world
Long live the friends who make us laugh
LIVE the musik, our bodies, the party and our sweet community

and and and ...
Long live the Convent of the North - The Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence Holy Aids (Mass on November 30 in Prato)

The beats of Dj Radikal.e will make you live your best 4h of hotness with its sounds queer ▾ homo hop 💅🏾, dancehall, electro-queer, afrobeats / afrotrap, reggaeton, kuduro, riot grrrl, electroclash, nuggets, pop 🌶️subversive , gay icons 🍑

QUEER AS FUCK is since 1 year queer queer evening of Lille organized by Dj Radikal.e