10 Grands Moments de Littérature

31 May 2020 07:00
→ 31 May 2020 20:00
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When literature upsets the lives of LGBT ++!

A short film competition organized by the Bulle Production association in partnership with the LGBT Paris-ÎdF Center, pinkX, pinkFlix, Docfilmdepot, Komitid.fr, the ErosOnyx editions and the 7th Genre.

Literature - at the turn of a book, the encounter with a work, an author - can it upset a life?

Literature acts on the intimate life by its power of evocation, formation and initiation. Literature permeates and shapes the individual, and perhaps even more the person Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and +++. She can learn to assume, to think, that one is author of works or simple reader / eur. Literature transforms life by sharpening the critical thinking of the reader, allowing him to develop his point of view and to take a different and critical view of the world. Literature nourishes a path that helps to escape the naivety of childhood, to escape the violence of adolescence!

The works of Enlightenment writers shaped the French Revolution. Women writers such as Madame de Staël or George Sand may have been thought to have influenced the feminist struggles of the 20th century and thus contributed to the changing status of women.

The AIDS epidemic that began in the early 1980s is the main or secondary theme of a multitude of novels, stories, newspapers, testimonies. Writing or reading has forged the fight and resistance to disease; they could be a way of sharing the suffering, touching each other .. We
think of Armistead Maupin, Hervé Guibert, Cyril Collard, ...

Literature is an opportunity to unpack everything. to reveal, at the risk of losing everything as for transgender people, with this need to testify, a suffering of a body, a social shift, ...

Literature is escape, emancipation; it allows you to dream or even believe in a better world. The writing could become a support for imaginary thoughts and adventures. The literary work durably upsets ideas, fantasies rooting in our inner world. She penetrates us, settles; it disturbs us again and transforms us ...

Who did not sigh with Romeo or Juliet, trembling with Harry Potter or fantasized about Tarzan or Jane?

This is why the Bulle Production team asks the question of the impact of literature in our lives as LGBTIQ people, as readers, or as authors; what literature works in us, that it transforms permanently, intimately in our lives ..

Tell us, and share, through the making of a short film (fiction, documentary, experimental, film "made at home") or even through the adaptation of a short literary work (short stories, novels, poems, letters, ...) what literature has changed in you.

You want to participate in the call for films 10 great moments of Literature, or support our communication! write to us via this event to the organizer, or via our Bulle Production facebook page. A complete presentation file will be sent to you as soon as possible.