1er Festival du film LGBT à Saintes et Angoulême

15 Nov 2019 19:00
→ 24 Nov 2019 18:00
ADHEOS Centre LGBT - Poitou-Charentes
ADHEOS Centre LGBT - Poitou-Charentes
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ADHEOS organizes, within the framework of DILCRAH financing, the 1st LGBT Film Festival in Saintes from November 15th to 17th and in Angoulême from November 22nd to 24th, 2019.

11 films from around the world are selected to talk about the LGBT theme through cinema, to help to reduce ignorance and LGBTphobies in our beautiful region!

Why an LGBT Film Festival? One can really wonder what is the point of an LGBT festival in 2019. Today there is streaming, Netflix, DVDs ... It is much easier to have access to films that talk about LGBT issues than 20 years ago, where everything rested on the cinema and where there was a greater reluctance of theaters to offer this kind of films ...

However, a Festival is often the fruit of a search of several months to find unpublished works, and thus a great way to make discoveries. Compared to a movie watched at home, the dark rooms often bring a social experience, while having the pleasure of being in a room where the public vibrates in unison ...

Finally, outside of Paris, cinemas are less numerous and the diffusion of LGBT films more restricted, an LGBT Film Festival allows the public to see works rarely programmed in normal times ...

A festival like ours must be a place of exchange and reflection as well as a melting pot of new talents. That's why we alternate film sessions sometimes with big budget with others much more independent. Some serve as a locomotive to attract the public who will then discover works that can only be shown in a demonstration like ours.

While technology has evolved, and progress has been made in society in terms of rights for LGBT people, discrimination persists, and representation is still not enough in the media. Our mission is therefore to honor and celebrate the idea that there is an LGBT culture and to be proud of it.

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