6ème Festival Nio Far : Jo Güstin à Violette and Co

5 Jun 2019 19:00
→ 5 Jun 2019 20:30
Librairie Violette and Co
Librairie Violette and Co
102 rue de Charonne - Paris
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Meeting with JO GUSTIN for his new book "Ah Sissi, you have to suffer to be French!"
Jo Güstin is a writer, humorist, lyricist and pan-African screenwriter. The guiding thread of his creations is summed up in the triptych "decolonization, intersectionality, liberation". Stuck in circles, she tackles sensitive topics while making "laugh, dream, reflect". After the tragicomic 9 Histoires lumineux published in 2017 at Presence Africaine, Jo Güstin closes sixteen years of life in France with Ah Sissi, you have to suffer to be French !, a brilliant novel in the novel, at the crossroads of the essay, autobiography and fiction. "Ah Sissi, you have to suffer to be French! "(Présence Africaine editions). "To be French full-time when you're not white is a demanding challenge: Monday, you have to complain because, anyway, it's Monday; Tuesday, one must be the favorite personality of the French; Wednesday, we must dissociate ourselves from Islam; Thursday, you have to win an international tournament; Friday, you have to win a Nobel Prize ... because at the slightest disappointment we are invariably reminded of where we come from. Sparkling and caustic, Jo Güstin gives us, between narrative and free essay, a shock novel in the form of a letter of goodbye to France written at the tip of a pitiless and corrosive pen. She opens the way to a feminist and intersectional African literature of great finesse by telling with the piquant tone that characterizes moments of life racialized women in France, interspersed with projections in the life of his own narrator.

Decolonial festival of visual and performative arts. Conference, literary meeting, cinema-debate, performance, photo, video. 6th edition from June 2nd to 8th: "the genre". Info and program: www.festivalniofar.com