7 grands moments de Désirs / Plaisirs

22 Jun 2019 19:30
→ 22 Jun 2019 23:30
Centre LGBT Paris-ÎdF, Bulle Production
Centre LGBT Paris-ÎdF
63 rue Beaubourg - Paris
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The LGBT Center Paris-ÎdF invites Bulle Production for a short film screening on the theme of desire and pleasure.

The session will be followed by a debate moderated by Maria SALVETTI.

After exploring the issue of loneliness among LGBTQI people, the members of the Bulle Production association wanted, for this second edition, to question the notions of pleasure and desire.

How do LGBTQI people live their desires and pleasures? What is their view of their desires, their bodies, their sexuality and their relationship to others?

How to share, beyond codes and norms, the transgressive pleasure of difference?

7 highlights of Désirs / Plaisirs is a call for films by Bulle Production, in partnership with the LGBT Paris-ÎdF Center, Pink TV and Yagg, launched in 2015.

The jury consists of Flora Bolter (co-President LGBT Center), Jacques Darakan (Pink Screen - Brussels), Florence Fradelizi (programmer), Emilie Jouvet (director), Guillaume Richard (director), Laurence Rebouillon (producer), Frédérique Ros ( producer), Didier Roth-bettoni (writer), Patrick Sarfati (photographer) and Paul Vecchiali (director) selected 7 films.

The collection of the 7 great moments of Desires / Pleasures is accompanied by a crush of the team of Bulle Production and the jury.

Thérèse (s) and Simone (s) (Experimental - 9'30) from Adam.M
"Thérèse (s) and Simone (s)" is an ode to aging women, their bodies and desires, somewhere between fantasy and reality. In an enclosed space, four women meet, tame and release their desires. The sound universe is articulated around the voices of Simone de Beauvoir and Thérèse Clerc, key figures of the feminist movement. They carry a strong and original discourse on old age, echo through the years, in resonance with original music of Hz Mass.

Ex Argilla (Fiction - 5 ') by Elena Vannier & Anne Sophie Tournade
Games of looks between an artist and his model

Androchome (Fiction - 6 ') by Charlie Meyssone
Sensual crossing towards an identity desire and an encounter with one's being.

Fetishist (Fiction - 3'40) by Rémi Lange
A young man dreams about different fetishes that evoke certain known paraphilias or born of his own imagination ...

Queer (Fiction - 8'44) by Pierre Caudevelle
During a movie screening, Colette, actress and burlesque stripper, interacts with a viewer through the screen. A game of seduction takes place between the two protagonists until the spectator reveals his identity ...

The scene (Fiction - 3'35) by Camille Sauvayre
One night at the edge of the Canal Saint Martin, Thomas runs after Jeanne who runs after Emmanuelle.

Pleasure as desire (Documentary Fiction - 17 ') by Philippe Jubard
Stefan, model and actor in erotic films, is asked to evoke his life from the angle of desire and pleasure. He relates some moments of his life from his teenage years in the 1970s to middle age. In his career, Stefan meets the possession, the vanity, the voyeurism, the generosity, the friendship and many other things still but retains especially the pleasure.


Pornation (Experimental - 10 ') de bruce
we're off to see the wizard ..