8 mars - La nuit est à nous

8 Mar 2019 20:00
Cours Julien Marseille
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✊ Feminist Marseille: the night is ours!

➡️ Appointment on March 8 during Julien at 8 pm (after the march that will leave at 18h from the Vieux Port)

◾️ March 8th is a moment to celebrate the achievements of feminist struggles, to recall discrimination and gender-based violence, and to mobilize for greater equality among all, in terms of rights but also of participation in political life and economic.

🔴 Given the brutality of municipal politics in Marseille, the organization of an action seems necessary to reclaim the public space.

👉 To be together, to unite, to help each other, to strengthen us.
👉 To mobilize and make known the different feminist struggles.
👉 To exchange, share, pool our knowledge, resources and know-how.
👉 To find ourselves, with our specificities and our differences, which are also our strength, including all the people fighting against the patriarchal system.

◾️ Because we want to discuss our concerns: gender stereotypes and stigma, social and economic inequalities, multiple sexist, racist, sexual, LGBTphobic oppressions, etc.
◾️ Because we want to take the floor to make public the violence and the discriminations sexist.
Because we refuse to speak for us, to distort our ideas and actions, to use them for marketing or political purposes.

➡️ Reappropriate public space, in the continuity of the struggles of Marseilles who denounce the neglect of municipal politics and demand a right to the city for all.

👉 Let's do block.

🔴 Let's take the floor. Let's take the street. Let's take the place.
Let's take the night!

✊ For a feminist and popular Marseille.
Occupy the Cours Julien, together, March 8! ✊