8 mars - La nuit est à nous

8 Mar 2019 20:00
Marseille Féministe
Cours Julien Marseille
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✊ Feminist Marseille: the night is ours!

➡️ On March 8, at 8 pm (*), on the occasion of the International Day of struggle for women's rights, let's take the Julien course!

(*) Departure from the top of the Canebière after the walk and climb to Cours Julien with the batucada Mulêketù

▪️ To reclaim the public space, we organize and pool our forces,
▪️To mobilize and make known the feminist struggles.
To share, share our knowledge, our resources and our know-how.
▪ To find and unite ourselves, with our specificities and differences, which are also our strength, including all those fighting against the patriarchal system.

👉 March 8 is a moment to celebrate the achievements of feminist struggles, and to demand equality between all, in terms of rights, but also participation in economic and political life.

👉Because we also want to discuss our concerns: social and economic inequalities, gender stereotypes and stigma, and the many oppressions that can be added: class, racist, sexual, lesbophobic or transphobic .
Because we want to speak out to make public this violence and discrimination.

👉Because we refuse to talk for us, distort our ideas and actions, use them for marketing purposes or worse, racist.

👉Also considering the brutality of municipal politics in Marseille, it seemed necessary to us to reclaim the public space and to give the floor to the women struggles that are already fighting on our city.

▪Re-appropriating the public space, in the continuity of the struggles of Marseilles who denounce the negligence of municipal politics and demand a right to the city for all.

Let's do block.
Let's take the floor.
Let's take the street.
Let's take the place.
Let's take the night!
For a feminist and popular Marseille.

✊ Occupy the Cours Julien, together, March 8, at 20h.

🔴 Protester, who's washing your vest?
The dominant class, white and masculine continues to bend and defend its interests. Evidenced by his sexist boy club actions recently denounced in the world of journalism.
If the rate of precariousness and poverty is much higher among women and gender minorities (not to mention those that combine the oppressions), it is also because some up there, defend a hierarchical social order, refusing us equal work, equal pay, assigning us to underpaid trades, imposed part-time work, resulting in career rhythms and amputated social rights.
Faced with these social and economic inequalities, women fight back!
Whether it is work, poor housing, the degradation of our public services, roundabouts, businesses or neighborhoods, it is women who find themselves in the front line and mobilize. In Marseille, let's speak on March 8th!

🔴 Our body, our desires!
Together, let us reaffirm on March 8 our right to freely dispose of our bodies! Defend the right to abortion and access to the PMA for everything. Stop genital mutilation here as elsewhere (excisions, sterilization pressures of trans people, mutilation on intersex people among others). Depsychiatrisons and diversions administrative and medical transition!
Because violence is one of the control mechanisms of our bodies, we oppose all forms, wherever it takes place. Fighting this violence is a necessary precondition for free lives and sexuality. In France, despite the effects of announcement, the authorities struggle to fight against male violence. A woman always dies every 3 days under the blows of her spouse. Stop feminicide!
No is no ! In the street, at the bar, at home and with our loved ones, at work or at the doctor's. The consented dredge has nothing to do with harassment. Sexual, gender and gynecological violence must stop! In Marseille, let us freely express our desires!

From childhood!
Together, defend gender equality!
Playgrounds such as school paths continue to reproduce gender inequalities. If the government finds priority to hang French flags in the classrooms, it seems to us more urgent to restore the ABC (D) of equality and promote a non-sexist education, which gives pride of place to the signers and witches from all countries! The gaming industry takes over and drives gender stereotypes: little boys mechanics and women cooks. We are better than that! In Marseille, as elsewhere in France, we defend access for all to an emancipatory school, sports and cultural education.