824 heures : Balibalo mon gros taureau

20 Nov 2019 22:00
→ 24 Nov 2019 11:00
824 heures, Bonjour/Bonsoir, René Danger, HORS-SOL, Sapin Blossom, Le BINGO DISCO
824 heures
10 rue papillon - Paris
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Nights 30, 31, 32 and 33
From 647 to 619 hours

From his balls to his horns
Our bull gives it!
When does Donna Summer pass
He is weightless.
When Moodyman sounds
It makes the organ vibrate,

Babilo, my good bastard,
Bandait already like a bull,
But he does not lack finesse,
From flowers he adorns even his braids,
A bindih on the forehead,
He is the most beautiful stallion!


824 hours (news)
wild, libertarian and sweaty party
And a few days without limit too.
For even once the curtain has fallen,
Love remains,

Sea • Game
From 22:00 to the end of the night.
Fri • Sam
From 23:00 to the end of the night

Free entry.

A Manifesto is forever.

824 hours
It's a countdown, an opportunity, a sweet delirium.
It's a place of freedom, a neo-punk-straw place that knows no limits but its planned obsolescence.

In the meantime, it starts with water and in all directions but with a very clear vision: get rid of codes, regain freedom in the party, get out of the shackles of genres, send it waltz and finally dance with an operetta tune.
It is a headquarters for a sassy family, a place of unassuming gathering, open to all, to those who only want to party, to excess, to love and freedom.

It is a place of trust, above all, a condition sine qua none of these secret transgressions; an interval where anything can happen, both in music and activities, be well prepared because nothing will be revealed to you.

• Bazaar Truck
• Hello good night
• Wonderful Identity