9# SexualitéS Non-Valides?

16 Mar 2019 11:30
→ 16 Mar 2019 14:00
Le Petit Bordelle de Misungui, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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What is the Little Broth of Misungui?

Once a month Misungui invites you to the Mutiny to talk about your body, your sexuality, health, politics, feelings ... but also to practice, explore, discover together some parts of our bodies or practices. All in an atmosphere as safe and warm as possible.
The first workshop of the series will focus on the cat (anatomy, health, pleasure and political issues) and will be unisex (only people with pussy will have access). For the following we will address a specific theme each time and accessibility will vary depending on the topics (some workshops will be open to all).
In any case, bring back your benevolence and leave your prejudices at the door, no discriminating or oppressive remarks will be tolerated and, as Maquerelle mother of my little Bordelle, I reserve the right to decide what is oppressive or not, hair in the ass. You can also bring a carpet, a cushion, a plaid, a blanket, in short, a cool thing to be comfortable and confident. And for some workshops I will ask for more specific things (eg a mirror for the first one).
The workshop is at free price. It does not mean gratos. I move, I take time to prepare this workshop, I bring back gear and skills, and I'm broke (ehehe) so it's about playing the game of giving giving. But that does not mean that you have to spin money. I take payments in kind! So if you have vegetables, you're baker or you make stuff, paint stuffs, sew things, come back from a Thai massage course ... it suits me! I accept everything that is eaten, drunk, useful or creative.

9 # Nonvalid Sexuality ??

For her ninth opus, Misungui's Little Brothel is going to walk on the side of the most invisible sexualities: those of the handicapped.
What are the issues faced by the disabled in their sexual lives? Between physical constraints and social stigmas, we will try, ClemClem and I, to put words on this absurd taboo.
Difficult meeting, isolated people (either at home or in a parallel world disconnected from reality), "valid" who often stop physically and do not go further in the conversation ... unknown physical constraints and finally, do Lasting a relationship, these are the themes that we propose to address, as well as, as always, a reflection and a political exchange on the concept of "validity" and the problems of visibility of marginalized people.

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