À voix out - scène ouverte pour Meufs et/ou Queers

21 Jan 2019 19:00
→ 21 Jan 2019 22:30
À voix out - scène ouverte pour Meufs et/ou Queers, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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VOICE OUT - Open stage for Meufs and / or Queers returns Monday, January 21st at La Mutinerie to celebrate 2019!

To participate nothing more simple: just register on the spot with Clara.

From 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm, everyone wishing to play a piece, read a text, do a sketch will be welcome.
Each participant will have a passage time of 5/6 minutes.

Be careful, the organizers reserve the right to refuse access to the stage if the texts do not meet the charter of the Mutiny.
Moreover, we ask each person wishing to read a text or do a skit to communicate to us during registration the theme addressed to prevent the public if the subject is trigger (sensitive / hard).

All styles and levels are welcome. And obligatory benevolence <3!

On site: possibility to connect two voices, two guitars and a bass on a mixer (no amp) with a DI if necessary.
You can also connect your phone or computer to sing over!

WARNING: no USB connection is possible, bring your computer if necessary! And there is NO instrument on the spot: bring your own, preferably electro-acoustic.