Adhésions LOOM 2019-2020

18 Sep 2020 15:47
→ 30 Sep 2020 23:30
LOOM - Les Ours Occitanie Méditerranée
49 rue du faubourg saint jaumes bâtiment eglantines - Montpellier
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Dear Bear and Bear Fada!

Here we are to date with more than 90 members, we have exceeded the number of members in 2018/2019. However, we still hope to expand the family.

For this we need your help !!!

It may be that you or people around you: acquaintances, friends, otters, bear worshipers, or bears looking to join the LGBT community to go out: restaurant, picnic, escape game, festive evening, sauna, cinema, theater, a drink in town ...

So welcome !!!!

We organize various events throughout the year with the participation of partner establishments and LGBT associations in the Occitania region, but we are also open to various events with groupings of Bears associations from France:

The team includes 7 volunteers, to support LOOM, of course with the help of its members.

So ! You and your friends want to join LOOM and the gay bears and LGBT community ... do not hesitate to present the LOOM association to them and to also present them to us during an evening so that we can discuss what we offer and their expectations. We are open to any new release project that we will validate during our CA.

This year we are reopening the Bear den and we therefore invite you to join us if it is not already done.

The contribution is 10 € in the middle of the year!
Job seekers and Students: 10 €

Several solutions are available to you to pay your membership fee:
- By credit card online payment
- By check: payable to LOOM
- In cash directly from one of the members of the board of directors.

You can download the membership form following the link below and return it to us by mail or by post filled in whatever your method of payment, and attach the subscription check or pay online on the site Hello Asso secure below also.

Thank you again for coming for this year!

COVID-19. This event may have been cancelled. Please check the event on Facebook and the discussion tab of this event. Thank you.