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6 Oct 2019 06:00
→ 6 Oct 2019 13:00
The Rex Cruising
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For this last Touch Me before the opening of the cruising, the whole team of the sauna the rex and myself are happy to receive Sadjoy.


DJ & amateur dancer, Sadjoy has invested the electronic scene for fifteen years.
1st vynil in 1987, 1st platinum in 2004, buddies who mix, she also goes there and roams the night according to her desires, invitations and collaborations in duet; Paris, Marseille, Grenoble, Toulouse, Nice, Montpellier (Antirust, Dieze, Red Villa, Coxx, Fabrik ...).

The sound remains a passion, the marathon of her life, her influences are eclectic and firmly anchored in the 80's, she loves the French Touch and the German labels.

His sets are always unique and bloody, they evolve gradually between electronica, nu disco, house, progressive and techno, special mention to the vocals, a must-have sexy accessory of his approach.

The idea of taming the dancefloor to take her on a sound journey for a DJset is a challenge she loves to take up.

"Muzik iz ze answer" is more than just a leitmotiv, it's his favorite motto!

Facebook: Sadjoy San


The rex sauna welcomes you in an area of 400 square meters on 2 levels.
On the ground floor, the locker rooms, a large room that hosts the bar, the dj cabin and the dance floor, a little further the wet space which houses a large bubble bath.
It is on the floor that we find a multitude of cuddly lounge, all comfortable and planned for multiplayer games and a dark area.
Since the mid-80s The Rex is considered "the pope of sex on Montpellier".
After having held his naughty cinema, he mounted many institutions (sex shops, cinemas, libertine spaces) throughout the city.
Light clothing, swimsuit, shorts ... are recommended, attention for hygiene measures the shoes are prohibited so plan flip flops or it will be barefoot.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 6th October from 6am to 1pm.


To start the festivities all the evening ...

▶ ️ Coxx Bar
No need to present it, iconic gay bar of Montpellier, Tom and all his band will welcome you to start well this evening which promises to be long and festive.

▶ ️Multiple Parties

▶ ️That we find ourselves 6h story to continue well this night of sick ....

🔵⚪🔵⚪ Touch Me entry: 15 € ⚪🔵⚪🔵

The Rex Sauna
425 rue Saint exupery
West Frejorgues Zone
34130 Mauguio