25 May 2019 14:30
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Bond&Co, Paris Fetish, Alpha-Exp
Les Caves Saint Sabin
50 Rue Saint-Sabin - Paris
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Whether you are novice or confident, come and test the new fetish experience in Paris; through participative and playful demonstration, in a friendly and secure atmosphere.

Each workshop will be animated by a group of volunteer animators, showing their practices safely.

WORKSHOP BONDAGE: Discovery of various techniques of immobilization with ropes, on a partner alone or relying on external elements (post, hook, ring, furniture, chair ...). The bondages can be made vertically, horizontally, suspended, sitting or lying down.

VAC BED: This is an envelope (flat or cubic) latex in which is placed his partner, his head to the outside or a pipe allows him to breathe. A vacuum of air is then realized molding the person, giving him amazing sensations.

ELECTRO PLAY: a game principle based on low frequency electrical impulses. Depending on the case and program, the power and intensity of the waves, it creates tingling or muscle contractions, offering a wide range of sensations to his partner.

MOMMIFICATION: this discipline consists of surrounding the body of the partner with stretch film (transparent or colored), and tape. An alternative to discover the constraint of immobilization and bondage.

● Dates / Timetable: Saturday May 26th [2:30 pm - 6:30 pm]
● Address: Saint Sabin Cellars - 50 Rue St Sabin, 75011 Paris
● Metro: Greenway (line 8) or richard Lenoir (line 5).
● Dresscode: 100% fetish.
● Rate (s):

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