Annulé : Cycle.s X Gqomunion @La Station

13 Mar 2020 23:00
→ 14 Mar 2020 07:00
Cycle.s_platform, Gqomunion, La Station - Gare des Mines
La Station - Gare des Mines
29 avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers - Paris
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This event may have been cancelled. Please check the event on Facebook and the discussion tab of this event. Thank you.


With Gqomunion, we gathered around Menzi, dj and producer of trendy Durban with the band of the NYEGE NYEGE Festival in Uganda, some nervous people from London Rennes and Paris, all won over by a fever named GQOM for a new line up at the Station.

Mixed for more than ten years in Durban in South Africa, the GQOM has invited itself into the usb keys of DJs from around the world: vital tempo like a heartbeat, the sound made by dance steps on corrugated iron roofs from Durban. This is the essence of gqom according to Dj Lag: metallic tones, heavy atmosphere like the air that announces the storm and dark as when you set up the sound system at nightfall. Rave party mood, free trend. Everything you need to set the dance floor on fire after 10 minutes of a set.

Line up
• Menzi (SA - NYEGE NYEGE)
• Ehua (UK)
• Jay Jay Revlon (UK)
• Zazu
• AmZo
• Sébastien Forrester

A discussion will take place in parallel on the (heated!) Terrace of the Station - Gare des Mines with Zazu and Ehua. anna tjé aka Anna The SuperNova, researcher and performer curate and leads a discussion with the two female DJs of the Line up based on their experiences in the electronic scene at the intersectionality of identities and violence of gender and race. Cycle.s seeks to grasp the production conditions and lived situations of the music and scenes it promotes, it is happy to allow this discussion to take place for its premiere.
Meet at 11.15 p.m. sharp for a discussion open to the public until midnight!
The discussion will be recorded and broadcast later on Radio Station Station.

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cycle.s: bring the dance, dance beats, dancers, your feet your hips your smile at the Station Gare des Mines!

cycle.s? Utopian object located. Multiple origins, who do not necessarily want to decline their identity. But who remains delighted to meet!

Cycle.s is an initiative of some members of the Station - Gare des mines family: those who have made it their playground, their garden, and who meet other ways to celebrate, to party. Of those that are sometimes invented almost under your nose, around your block, the day before your evening in the same club, however, and then on your YouTube autoplay. Or in London, Cape Town, Accra or Sao Paolo and Beirut.

We also invest in the Station because we believe in this place, we believe in its collective functioning, its curiosity, and we believe that its public seeks to learn, educate, discover and invent ways to celebrate.

For each of its editions, cycle.s invites a collective that promotes dance music and that opens spaces for the communities that create and dance them. For its premiere, we invite Gqomunion, which has been promoting gqom in France since winter 2017.

cycle.s, the utopian project, very serious and therefore necessary for a "floor" like a community which listens, learns to perceive: who dances, together.


* cycle.s is organized by queer and white allies. Our desire is to create a space that is as inclusive and as safe as possible. We know that in this game it is often the minorities who lose. So tonight: have fun, but don't forget that the comfort and the fun of your neighbor and your neighbor depend on you letting this person be and do what they want. And if you want to connect, and in particular physically with her, the easiest way is to ask her verbally if it's ok and within what limits.

If you are the victim of an assault, do not hesitate to refer it to the staff of the Station or to security, and we will try to find together what response to bring.


Thank you to MU Collective, and to our partners Resident Advisor, Trax Magazine and Lylo!


Practical information
29 avenue de la porte d'Aubervilliers
The place is accessible to people with reduced mobility