Assemblée Ouverte - Premier Mai Queer VNR !

25 Apr 2019 19:00
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Open Assembly for a May Day and a queer militant season VNR!

Because we have many reasons to organize, insurge, fight and fight back, the CLAQ calls for an open meeting to organize a bloc / actions for the first of May but also for the future. Our struggles and responses for social and ecological justice, dignity and rights for all, against the libertarian and racist policies of this government need to flourish in this new spring. If you want to help us organize this May 1st or come to think and discuss with us for future actions for the coming months, an open meeting will take place on April 25th at 7pm!

Trans, dykes, biEs, queers, inters and queers show us! let's organize!

Assembly on April 25 at 7 pm at an address that will be unveiled a little later.