Atelier : auto-enquête travail créatif / travail queer (COMPLET)

23 Mar 2019 13:00
→ 23 Mar 2019 15:00
Burn Out - Collectif, Queer Week
Le Hangart
63 quai de Seine Paris 19 - Paris
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⭐ Workshop: self-inquiry creative work / queer work


⚠️ Attention, the time of the workshop has changed, it will be held from 13h to 15h! ⚠️

Often, two words go together without the third: we have queer and creative, we regularly forget the work dimension. Thus, dance, drawing, performance, writing, creativity in general is first and foremost a subjective "hobby", something that allows us to be ourselves, to seek and to be visible but not to "work".

The Burn Out - Collective proposes to animate a "self-inquiry" on the creative work of queers.

🖤 What is a self-inquiry?

The goal of the "self-inchiesta" is to initiate a reflection based on oneself, one's own experience and experiences, leading to a collective reflection that identifies problems (work, health, body, self-determination, precariousness, gender and sexuality, racialization, etc.). In a self-survey, we investigate ourselves, but not in a statistical way: we ask ourselves questions and we responds from it.

Thanks to the collective narration and the politicization of this one, one can give oneself grids to read our subjectivities and to build forms of resistance to the neoliberal work setting which is often invisible.

The purpose of this practice is not simply to understand each other's experiences or to define an action plan. It is a question of catalysing the sharing, the discussion on the knowledge and the strategies on the one hand and the process of awareness on the other hand.

🖤 The Burn-out collective

Burn Out - Collective is a collective of action and militant analysis on the materiality of neoliberal work and its effects on subjectivity, desire and alienation. Burn Out practices self-inquiry to fight in and against work. Burn Out criticizes the setting to work, "valorization", exploitation and neoliberal incorporation of queer and transfeminist bodies and asses. His political project is the collective production of antagonistic subjectivities and different forms of life.

📌Practical information

Saturday, March 23 from 13h to 15h
at the Hang'Art (63 quai de Seine Paris 19, 75019 Paris)
Place accessible to people in wheelchairs.
Free workshop
15 places available, send an email to

This event is a program of the Queer Week 2019: March 15 to 23. Queer Week is a week of reflection around the diversity of genres, bodies and sexualities.