Ateliers d'art-thérapie de Transat

17 Nov 2020 19:00
→ 17 Nov 2020 20:30
Atelier Mangrove
4 rue Fontange - Marseille
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/! \ Resumption of workshops /! \
The barrier gestures will be scrupulously respected (tables at 1m distance) and the wearing of a mask will be compulsory for everyone.

The Transat association and Léa Petit, art therapist, offer collective Art-Therapy workshops, in non-mixed transgender (except speaker), every other Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at the Mangrove workshop (4 rue Fontange 13006 Marseille).

Workshops at free price, open to any transgender person, by reservation (staff limited to 6 people), contact 07 78 63 87 33.

A few words about Art Therapy:
Art therapy is a non-verbal psychic healing method based on the development of creativity. It relies on artistic media as tools for expression (painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, ephemeral arts, etc.)
It helps to alleviate mental discomfort linked to a social, relational and / or material situation, to prevent the formation of behavioral disorders linked for example to exclusion, to go through an emotional shock or a trauma, and / or carry out more global psychic work.
The sessions are designed as a time of intimate expression and protected from all forms of interpretation, judgment, or appreciation of what is produced.
Everyone can have access to an art therapy follow-up without discrimination related to age, gender identity, origin or types of psychological difficulties.
As Art therapy is not an artistic practice or an Art-plastic course, no prerequisites are required and all the material necessary for the course of the session is provided.

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