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16 Mar 2019 14:30
→ 16 Mar 2019 18:00
Les Grands Voisins, Queer Week
Les Grands Voisins
74 avenue Denfert Rochereau - Paris
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Beyond the body • Towards a factory of oneself out of the medical profession 🎥

Round table / projection / discussion

Grossophobia, transphobia, TDSphobia, validism, ageism, racism, homophobia and classism; to please and exist in the public space a body must meet criteria and norms that enclose and limit us. In the face of social injunctions, policies of the medical profession and its violence, everyone is working on their own construction. To be made self, despite the power of institutions and authorities. So how to think, to inform oneself, and to invest the space, intimate as public, in order to better (reclaim)?

💬 Round table

Introduction with short films

from Nina Faure (France, VF, 19 ', 2018)
As more and more women report ill-treatment in gynecological examinations, the profession is slow to take the problem seriously. The director decided to put them at the foot of the wall, in an immersion between social inquiry and vaginal touch.

by Alexis Mitchell & Chase Joynt (Canada, VOSTF, 17 ', 2014)
The film combines images of a patient's hidden camera hysterectomy with whimsical conversations with medical machines and procedures. Stealth grapples with "sousveillance" in a poignant and humorous way to subvert the hypothesis of a future made of machines controlling the bodies. By putting bodily, medical and military technologies into perspective, Stealth attacks the relationships never before explored between inanimate objects and the human body.

🎤 Discussion in the kind presence of:

Mélanie Déchalotte, independent journalist and documentary filmmaker at France Culture. She is the author of several documentaries on the nurturing-care relationship and the Black Book of Gynecology (First editions, 2017), a major survey on abuse in gynecology and obstetrics.

The Espace Santé Trans is an association based in Île-de-France. Its goal is to improve access to the health of trans people and to question, by promoting and building frameworks of respectful care adapted to the needs expressed.
More info:

Intersex and Allied Collective - OII France fights for self-determination and against the pathologisation and mutilation of intersex people.
More info:

🎥 PROJECTION: From 17h

by Sins Invalid (United States, VO, 2 ', 2009)
Sins Invalid is a performance project that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists.

by Jen Crothers (Canada, VOSTF, 4 ', 2010)
Butch women discuss the sometimes complicated relationship they have with their breasts.

of Michelle Williams Gamaker (United States, VOSTF, 25 ', 2017)
Krishna Istha, Katy Jalili, Natasha Lall and Umber Ghauri have made the choice to be genderfluid and non-binary. MW Gamaker draws the intimate portrait of these three "brown queers" identifying themselves as such.

of Cali Dos Anjos (Brazil, VOSTF, 12 ', 2017)
Tailor is a transgender cartoonist that shares in his web page other trans people's experiences and their challenges in society. Film about transgender, made by transgender crew.

from Evangeline Zhang & Dajing (2017, China, 5 '
"A Chinese Feminist Rap Video"

> Conference and debate in French
> VF Movies or Original Version Subtitles English

Practical info 📌
Free admission (200 seats available)
Room "La Pouponnière" (1st floor)
Wheelchair accessible

Great Neighbors
74 avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris
Metro: Denfert Rochereau - lines 4 and 6
RER: Port Royal or Denfert Rochereau - line B
Bus: Saint-Vincent-de-Paul stop - 38 and N1
Nearest Velib Station:
n ° 14112 - Méchain - Faubourg Saint-Jacques
n ° 5029 - Port Royal

→ Bar & restaurant on site
→ Les Grands Voisins: a place of life in transformation.
Nearly 100 people live and sleep today at Les Grands Voisins in shelters, thank you to remain attentive to the rules of the site: no intake of alcohol from the outside, respect for the tranquility of the inhabitants and sort of your trash and cigarette butts in the adapted bins.

The "Beyond the Body" event organized by Queer Week this coming Saturday will be held at Les Grands Voisins.
This same site follows the rehabilitation of a former hospital, Saint Vincent de Paul, which had an important urology and pediatric service in which mutilations were practiced on intersex children.
We took note of the history of this place, after the booking of the latter. We regret to have been able to prevent the violence that it represents especially in view of those who might have been involved in the round table. We are aware that the traumatic history contained in this place may prevent some people from going to organized screenings and discussions.
We are still working to implement an accessibility policy for everyone. In fact, we will pay more attention to the history of places that will host future events, with due respect for the stakeholders involved.

This event is a program of the Queer Week 2019: March 15 to 23. Queer Week is a week of reflection around the diversity of genres, bodies and sexualities.