Bannis, 10 portraits de réfugiés homosexuels, par Quentin Houdas

17 Jan 2020 13:00
→ 17 Jan 2020 18:30
cinémas STUDIO, Bibliothèque Municipale de Tours, Centre LGBTI de Touraine, Festival Désir Désirs
Bibliothèque Municipale de Tours
2 bis avenue André Malraux - Tours
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They are gay and have been forced to leave everything they were. Banished from the countries in which their families live, fleeing their work, their friends, their children, the scents and flavors, the country landscapes that, however, they never thought of abandoning. They are the symbols of all the victims that hatred of men carries in its course. All came to us by force of circumstances, by instinct for survival, by the vital need to find a place where, finally, they would be accepted. You never noticed them; they are invisible among the crowd of anonymous people, make themselves very small, discreet; there is Victoria, who had to flee from the hospital to escape prison, there is Taftalmiss whose friends were beaten and humiliated, there is Mena, HIV positive rejected in his country and unable to s care there, there is Viktor, fallen into an ambush and tortured, there is Jesca, pursued at home and who finally breathes here, there is Ioura, whose whole family had to leave his country, there is Ihab , in love with France, there is Malik, assailed on all sides, living in semi-clandestinity, there is Omid, talented artist threatened with being hanged, and there is Basirat, kidnapped, whose girlfriend was murdered.

Quentin Houdas is a photographer; he made his first exhibition in Paris at the age of twenty and has since intended to make everyday anonymous visible through a strong social dimension. His artistic work is displayed in galleries and thanks to the international associative and cultural fabric. In 2016 he produced his series "Queer" with the LGBT movement which will be rewarded and disseminated on a large scale; on this occasion he will be named sponsor of the Pride Walk and will become the winner of the Young Talents award from Associated Agents. Until January 2019, he writes a column on the Huffington Post which he devotes to meeting people usually far from the media lights that he photographs and whose voices he collects. In 2017 he went to meet LGBT refugees and asylum seekers for his series "Bannis"; his portraits want to be aesthetically engaged and use certain canons borrowed from the classical vocabulary, questioning the relationship between the image and the social representation of the "migrant". They are at the border of art and journalism with a strong presence of text to support the testimony of these strangers. In parallel to these works, Quentin Houdas collaborates with several press titles as a portrait painter, communication agencies, and develops an artistic language through research on nightlife, flowers, landscape and writing.