Barn / Beware of Children - fiction

18 Oct 2020 16:30
→ 18 Oct 2020 19:00
Festival Everybody's Perfect
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Dag Johan Haugerud
Fiction - 2019
Norway and Sweden

In a small town on the outskirts of Oslo, during a break
at school, Lykke, 13, daughter of a labor party member,
seriously injures her boyfriend Jamie, son of a conservative politician.
When he later died in the hospital, versions
conflicting events worsen the trauma.
Was it just an innocent accident? The thread of the plot unfolds
then, weave its web, stretch and spread in all
spheres: family, political, school, but especially in that
of these adults in the making. It fits into the interstices. He reveals
the cracks and the consequences of each act. Be careful with
children ... A brilliant scenario, chiseled and devoid of sensationalism.
A dense and absorbing group painting that pays homage
sublime to the human soul.

Swiss premiere
Winner of 9 prizes at the Norwegian Amanda Awards and selected at the Venice Mostra