Bastille Day Edition Huma.a

13 Jul 2019 20:00
→ 14 Jul 2019 04:00
La Ruche, La Ruche Lyon
La Ruche Lyon
22 rue Gentil - Lyon
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Clubbers, Dreamers, Dancers.

For this Bastille Day, La Hive has decided to do things big.

For the occasion, we welcome two artists from the essential Lyon Collective of the moment: Huma.a.

We start the presentations with: Sonaröne

Actor of the first generation to have propelled Lyon in the electro music, Dj of the first Rave. Sonaröne produces, mixes, organizes parties ... he is a dynamic activist, who fought ruthlessly against the repression of the Techno nights of the 1990s.

His motto, to design evenings extra muros by favoring unusual places. Witness the famous "Galactika" evenings dressed by the stylist Richard Borg where we will see many artists such as Manu the Evil, Oxia, Agoria, Kiko, Dj Hell, Electric Indigo, The Hacker, Miss Kittin, Charly Lobby.

Also Dj recognized for his valiant performances, his set with Jeff Mills in first part of the Transborder in 1997 will be the declic. In the 2000s, he took the leadership of El Volcan Club Electro in Mexico and returned to France in 2010.

In 2012, Nights Sonores celebrate their 10 years, the opportunity is too tempting to reappear, participating in the most prestigious French festival. With the help of Saint-Jean, former member of the famous booking agency Tekmics, they postulate and place themselves on the electronic circuit of the Nuits Sonores. For the occasion, they set up Buena Onda, a new structure made up of survivors from the Rave years, and then became a resident producer at DV1, the legendary Club Lyonnais.

In 2014, Sonaröne joined the DV1-R made up of resident DJs from the Club and will play with some of the many international names that have animated the most famous place in Lyon until 2017. At the end of DV1, a new band full of promise emerges on the ashes of DV1: HUMA.A consists of an artistic collective unique in its kind in France by its multigenerational side and its musical diversity. Sonaröne takes the lead with a young and talented team that in a short time managed to position itself among the most fashionable.

As for music, he is in favor of efficiency and adaptation to Dance Floor. His sets will vary depending on the reaction of the dancers (his), he likes to switch from one style to another while delicacy. Deep, melody, exotic rhythm ... on the Afro House, hypnotic Tech-House or techno effectively rhythmic ... his experience of 25 years is felt sumptuously well.

We finish in style with: Akillès

With a very large catalog that can go from the micro house to the haunting techno by browsing labels like Innervisions, Maeve, Kompakt or Afterlife, Akilles plunges you into a melodic universe while keeping the groove of a deep and powerful sound.

For more than 15 years now, he has shared his world and his idea of electro music as Resident of Fire "Pearl" and in most of the nightlife of Lyon such as Sucre, Terminal or Le Petit Salon.

Since the beginning of the year 2019, he has been working in the HUMA.A collective as Artistic Director & DJ in order to make the most of his experience and his passion for this culture and thus continue to share this with a growing public. wider.

Line up shared with Lee Curtis, Ryan Crosson, Alex Flatner, Sven Von Tulen, Lopazz, Popof, Da Fresh, Greg Delon, Andre Crom, Hector Couto, Joris Delacroix and many more ...

The Beehive
22 Rue Gentil
69002 Lyon

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