Beach Bitch Bilove

31 Aug 2019 22:00
→ 1 Sep 2019 06:00
Le Klub
14, rue St Denis - Paris
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JC invites you to the BEACH BITCH BILOVE to finish the summer in style! Transat, Mermaids, your neighbor in Bikini, Cocktails of the summer, sex on the Beach, Movies, Water games, Summer Mixx, Djs, Concerts of the sun ... JC puts you one last blow of warm before the return.

22H opening of the evening and Cocktail BILOVE offered for the first arrivals!

FILM "Magdalina"
special session in the presence of filmmaker FABIEN MICHEL

Singer Thomas Polly will offer a cabaret concert and a concert show for the greatest pleasure of our eyes and our ears

HANTA "Music of the Sun"
Africa in fusion with this group that mixes Cuban, Brazilian, African and Indian Ocean musicians ...

Happy TekHouse & Dirty Discoballs By BUDA

Electric Bitchy Beachy Mixx By EVA LACHAPELLE

Dirty Electro & Libertine Soul mixx by MAMBAA DELION

The BILOVE FOREVER are convivial and sex-positive evenings where people and creatures of all genders, of all kinds, of all ages and origins come together in a playful, festive, delirious and often subversive atmosphere. It's not about clubbing, fetish, BDSM or libertine parties, it's all at once, in a sweet mixture whose precursor concept has been characteristic of the BILOVE since 2001. It also comes to chat, dance , laugh and flirt.

Positive sex means that sensuality, sexuality and the liberation of bodies are essential components, with three principles: no discrimination, no consent, no safe interactions.

Everyone.ey is welcome, he or she is pan, gay, trans, cis, intersex, non-binary, lesbian, bi, straight, queer and +. All disguises and practices, sexual or not, are accepted. Change your look, change gender if you feel like it. Come alone, with your friend, your submissive or submissive ... At the Bilove, no one is excluded.

From cuddling to group sex, everything is possible in the Biloves as long as you respect each other, respect the other person, do not judge, and make sure everyone's consent. Thus, a yes is a Yes, enthusiastic and always revocable. In doubt, we ask. A no is a No. We never ask why it is no and we do not insist in case of refusal. We do not kiss, we do not caress without the agreement of the other. In case of harassment or aggression, do not hesitate to notify one of the persons wearing the badge "Respect - Consent - Safe play". If necessary, the author of the facts will be excluded.

In the BILOVE, there are no dedicated spaces, which makes it possible to play on one of the dancefloors, cuddles or backrooms. Your health and that of others is essential. The association Bi'Cause will hold a prevention stand and will put at your disposal the means to protect themselves.

Be imaginative, funny, quirky, provocative and sexy. Sample Outfits: fluo, leather, vinyl, latex, zentai, plush, wig, catsuit, cosplay, drag queen, ponygirl, feathers, chains or total nude ...



The evening will be animated by LADY KAM muse, new muse of the BILOVES ... It is she who will unveil to you the surprises of the evening.
Slave fair, BITOMBOLA ect ...
Do you want to participate in the slave fair?
(if you want to sell yourself as a slave, send a message to )

Fetish up, online fetish shop will hold a booth to present his fetish outfits, his lingerie and his sextoys. A token given to the bar when buying a drink will give you 5% discount on the stand (5% maximum per purchase!)

You can ask Gu Lagalerie to make body painting or body painting on your body or your face.

Holyhands and Absalof will massage women's feet.

Those who are too hot will be able to swim naked in the small pool of the Klub.

To limit the queue at the entrance, prepare as much as possible your outfit before putting your clothes in the cloakroom.
Everything that happens at the BILOVE stays at the BILOVE. No photos without the knowledge of people. The photographer Daniel LEFOTO will ask your agreement before taking you in your outfits and postures the craziest.

Biloves are reserved for people over 18 years old. In case of doubt, a piece of identification may be requested at the entrance. Tickets are on sale here ...


Bicause, Consent, Hell'O Kinky ......