Bi Takeover for Pride

19 Aug 2017 11:00
→ 19 Aug 2017 17:30
LGBT Foundation
5 Richmond Street - Manchester
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• Do you want a Pride celebration that puts bi people front and centre?

• Never been to a Pride event before and want to meet other people in a relaxed environment?

• Do you like free events and free food?

Join the #BiSeries as we take over LGBT Foundation for one day to celebrate Pride!

In the run-up to Manchester Pride, we're hosting a day full of free workshops and events dedicated entirely to bi community, creativity and campaigning!

Comic workshop | Theatre workshop | Purple Prose reading and creative writing with Grant Denkinson | Bi Films

Bis of Colour workshops | Fitting and Misfitting in the Bi Community | Bi Health Questions Drop-in with the Pride in Practice team

How to run an accessible campaign: a workshop | Campaigning on Social Media | Bi inclusion in the LGBT community

• We'll also be providing free food during Marcus Morgan's wonderful lunchtime CaBiRet show: Bisexuality Is Magic! •

There's a cafe space you can hang out in rather than going to workshops if you'd prefer. Chat to people or read magazines and do puzzles.

*We use the word 'bi' to describe people who experience attraction to more than one gender :)



11-12PM Bi's of colour workshop (Part 1: People of colour only)
11-12PM Fitting and misfitting in the bi community
11-12PM Purple prose with Grant Denkinson

12-1PM Bi's of colour workshop (Part 1: All welcome)
12-1PM How to use social media to campaign: a workshop

1-2PM Free food and lunchtime cabaret with Marcus Morgan at 1:30pm

2-3:30PM Panel discussion with bi community leaders
2-3:30PM Comics workshop (no drawing skill required) with Rami Yasir

3:30-5:30PM Performance workshop with Jordan Charles
3:30-5:30PM "So you've started a campaign" a workshop with Shula and Ali

11-5:30PM Community Cafe: grab a coffe and tell us what your bi demands for the LGBT community are.
10:30-6PM Prayer room
10:30-6PM Break out room
10:30-6PM Changing room
2-3:30PM Screening of season 1 of Steven Universe

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