Bingo drag de la nouvelle année aux Grands Voisins

17 Jan 2019 19:30
→ 17 Jan 2019 23:59
Les Grands Voisins, Rose et Punani
Les Grands Voisins
74 avenue Denfert Rochereau - Paris
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Because you can not do without them now, Punani Jellinsky and Rose Van Dome, the pioneers of Bingo Drag in Paris are back for an exceptional Bingo to Great Neighbors to drink with you this new year!

Some have already taken the right resolution to take all the wonderful prizes they propose to win (Editor's note: presenters not included).
Others hope to exchange their Christmas presents a little faded against sublime rare pearls (Editor's note: animators still not included).
In short, you will understand, the competition will be tough! And it will play shells to make a proud path to victory!

Then between mystery balls and impromptu twists, will you leave unscathed this first Bingo 2019?
(we have already planned our nuclear shelter with champagne reserve and oyster culture - for pearls)

🔥 The program of the evening will be the following:
20h: laughter
8:30 pm: laughter AND beauty
9 pm: laughter, beauty and gifts
9:30 pm: laughter, beauty, gifts AND magic
22h: laughter, beauty, gifts AND magic (but without us - we will be already lying)

Long-time friends, confidants, incredible performers, divine singers, talented magicians, charismatic presenters, neighbors, outstanding actresses, undisputed podium queens, personification of humility (non-exhaustive list), Rose Van Dome and Punani Jellinsky officiate with each other since 2012 and occur in the most beautiful places of the Capital.

It only remains for you to take your humor with both hands, to go around the Great Neighbors, to grab a pint at a low price and to lead you to the Lingerie, with a smile on your face and your head ready to engrave this evening. forever in the "best memory" part of your life.

Bingo drag animated by Rose and Punani Thursday, January 17 at the Lingerie!


→ Free and open to everyone.

→ The benefits of the bar allow the project of Great Neighbors to exist, thank you!

→ The Great Neighbors: a place of life in transformation.
Nearly 100 people live and sleep today at Les Grands Voisins in shelters, thank you to remain attentive to the rules of the site: no intake of alcohol from the outside, respect for the tranquility of the inhabitants and sort of your trash and butts in the appropriate trash cans.

→ Bar & restaurant on site
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→ Access
74 avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris
Metro: Denfert Rochereau - lines 4 and 6
RER: Port Royal or Denfert Rochereau - line B
Bus: Saint-Vincent-de-Paul stop - 38 and N1
Nearest Velib Station:
n ° 14112 - Méchain - Faubourg Saint-Jacques
n ° 5029 - Port Royal