Born Into Glitters #5 X Manifesto XXI

18 Apr 2019 19:00
→ 18 Apr 2019 23:59
Manifesto XXI, Caélif Etudiants Lgbt+
M'sieurs Dames
30 avenue Parmentier - Paris
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The springboard scene of baby DJ queer feminist Born Into Glitters is back this time with exceptional guests who are none other than the collective Manifesto XXI represented on the turntables by The Unlikely Boy, a baby hostess of qualitey which is none other than Nadine Thailand. The sorority BIG will be represented by Vignerouge and Cendre. Come and discover these young queer shoots of music or Drag that will make you spend an evening full of glitter and commitment.For the sake of the sound or the love of the aperitif we are waiting for you all at the Lady's Ladies the 18th of April 2019 from 19h00.

Location: Ladies Ladies
Team Orga: Caélif LGBT +
Guests: Manifesto XXI
Hostess: Nadine Thailand
Schedule: 19: 00-00: 00
Free entry