Boudoir Von Lear #8

13 Jan 2019 20:45
→ 13 Jan 2019 23:59
Veronika Von Lear, La Mano
La Mano
10 rue Papillon - Paris
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Véronika Von Lear opens the doors of her boudoir for an evening under the sign of carnal pleasure ... and promises you a night full of heat and drunkenness!

Boudon Von Lear: 20h45 - 00h
First show: 9:15 pm!

Once is not custom the Boudoir will use the French repertoire to make you sing. No more excuse for not gossiping on cult songs, I even heard that some would bring out songs from the depths abyssal.

Our monuments of the evening:
Charly Broutille
Clemency Tru
Von Lear Flower
Diana Frask Von Lear
Ruby On The Nail
Veronika Von Lear

Dj: Jean Remi

Admission: € 7 only in cash (if you can make extra)

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