Brigitte Fontaine + Yack au Radiant

16 Oct 2019 20:00
→ 16 Oct 2019 23:30
Radiant-Bellevue, Brigitte Fontaine, Mediatone - Concerts à Lyon
1 rue Jean Moulin - Caluire-et-Cuire
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Mediatone - Concerts in Lyon presents:

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Brigitte Fontaine
Multi-Millennium Mohican pope lumpen BCBG post punk of literature and the world stage (it's chic), resurrected in June 2018 to remove fire 3 discs in progress (and gardens, delicacies), to welcome in early March the next book ( gospel lyrics), the 3rd written during the Sinister of more than 2 years due to an accident. Forget.
A brutal and sculpted performer, author and writer (male since always as a giraffe is female, even being male), woman of letters in short poetess-born and reborn, actress who does not try, who does, lean lazy who does not do not worry, all this is a dish of calcined and peppered resistance, also sweet that is called BRIGITTE FONTAINE.
This creator-destructive not too nihilistic, not too terrorist who loves beautiful letters and bel canto, embraces you affectionately.
Signed: person

YACK, far from the traditional "one-man-band", brings a resolutely modern touch to his new compositions by playing with a sampler, pads, a keyboard and looking for new sounds on his guitars (archer, bottleneck ... ). Alone on stage but many inside, Yack will make you go from an intimate atmosphere, on the thread, emotionally charged, to something much more explosive and liberating.

Radiant-Bellevue 1 Jean Moulin Street, 69300 Caluire-et-Cuire


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