Brunch Lady Queer - Jules et Julies

14 Jul 2019 09:30
→ 14 Jul 2019 12:30
Jules et Julies
Jardin Raymond IV
allees charles de Fitte - Toulouse
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Lady Queer Brunch, what is it?
It is a Toulouse exit dedicated to young women LBTQI + * to be held Sunday, July 14 from 9:30 to 12:30, in the green and relaxed setting of the Jaridn Raymond VI.

To find us: red tablecloth and flag logo Jules & Julies and for more precision find the map with the location in the discussion of the event.

If you are a woman LBTQI + and you want to talk with women LBTQI +, to share a moment of conviviality or if you have questions, this is the good opportunity!

The brunch is in the form of a Spanish inn, that is to say that each is invited according to his means to bring a small something to drink and / or eat (without alcohol) to share with the group.

If you are not concerned and you wish to meet the association Jules & Julies, you can find us in our public spaces:
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If you have any questions, contact us:
- Facebook: Jules and Julies
- Instagram: julesetjulies
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* Young women LBTQI +: Lesbian people, Bisexual women, Transgender women, Queers, Intersexes and any other people who identify themselves in the feminine gender spectrum.

The reference Lady Queer

Reference Jules & Julies.
the Toulouse association of young LGBTQI +