Cabaret Aléatoire X L’Édition X On Air : Fête Bauhaus of Moda

1 Jun 2019 18:00
→ 2 Jun 2019 05:00
House of Moda, Friche la Belle de Mai, Abstraxion, Laboratoire des Possibles, Cabaret Aleatoire, rRoxymore, L'Édition Festival
Friche la Belle de Mai
41 rue Jobin - Marseille
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🔻Saturday, June 1st, 2019 - Fallow Beauty of May
🔶 18h-23h (free): On Air Roof Terrace Of The Wasteland Of May
🔵 23h-5h (fee): Cabaret Aleatoire

The collective House of Moda, Cabaret Aleatoire and L'Edition Festival are at the helm of this unusual evening, with the colors (primary!) Bauhaus with costumes and masks: come lookés! An evening in two stages and two places: first on the huge rooftop terrace (free) then at the Cabaret Random (paying). In tribute to the artist and choreographer Oskar Schlemmer, come dance in a triangle, square ... until the early morning!

An event co-produced by the Cabaret Randé, the Festival Edition and the Friche la Belle de Mai in partnership with House of Moda and Laboratory of the Possibles within the framework of "Transforming the Bauhaus", flagship event of the Printemps de l'art contemporain (PAC ).

-------IN THE PROGRAM-------

🔵🔻🔶 18h-23h | Roof terrace | Free entry

Elkka - Live [Culture Woman]
Moesha 13 - DJ Set
Crame and Reno The DJ - DJ Set [House of Moda]

Performances House of Moda by:
Héléna de Laurens (contemporary dance)
Matyouz Ladurée (voguing)
Sylvain OIlivier (contemporary dance)
Veida Shimi (creature)
Costumes: Anna Mennessier

🔵🔻🔶 23h-05h | Cabaret Aleatoire | On presale

Presale 9 €

Free entry for the first 30 people disguised as Bauhaus!

rRoxymore B2B Abstraxion - DJ set

Crame and Reno The DJ - DJ Set [House of Moda]

Performances House of Moda by:
Héléna de Laurens (contemporary dance)
Matyouz Ladurée (voguing)
Sylvain OIlivier (contemporary dance)
Veida Shimi (creature)
Costumes: Anna Mennessier

Performances The Laboratory of the Possibles by:
Bettie Bitch!
Kleptä Schwarz
Three phase

------- PARTNER-------
Trax Magazine


Fallow Beauty of May
Roof terrace / Cabaret Random
41 Jobin Street,
13003 Marseille

------- ------- CONTACTS

🔵 Random Cabaret
+33 4 95 04 95 09 -
Press contact:

The Random Cabaret is located in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, in the cultural pole of the Friche la Belle de Mai.
It is both a concert hall, a club and an organizer that invests the City.
It is a project and a permanent and historical operator on the territory, created in 2003, since its origin, it is more than 1300 concerts organized and 4300 groups and artists programmed, for more than 750 000 people welcomed.
Since 2014, the Random Cabaret is labeled SMAC.

🔻 The Festival Edition
+33 4 96 17 57 26 -
Press contact:

For nearly five years the Festival Edition has become a showcase of Marseille by offering an urban route through concerts in iconic and unexpected places of the city Phocean: the Silvain Theater, the Chapel of the Old Charity, the Museum of Contemporary Art from Marseille, Château Borély, Fort Saint-Jean ... A musical journey around electro-hybrid and pop music. The festival edition is carried by the Cooperative Internexterne, Cultural Cooperative in Marseille.

🔶 House of Moda

The House of Moda was born in Paris in 2011 of the love of the club, the love of the look, and the love of the club look. Over the holidays from Java to Gaîté lyrique, from Nantes to Berlin via Marseille, its founders Reno and Crame promoted the extravagance - diva diva diva - and the freedom to be oneself ... or someone one else. The House of Moda is also the meeting of quality music programming (Miss Kittin, Kiddy Smile, Red Axes have been there), performances ranging from cabaret to contemporary dance, and delirious evening themes or perfectly idiots.

🔵 Laboratory of possibilities

On the initiative of the producer from Marseille, Abstraxion, several lovers of electronic music and new arts founded the collective Laboratory of Possibilities in 2014 around the evenings LAB. It takes a new impetus with the launch of the evenings Mouillettes in 2018. Roving project, the Laboratory of Possibles organizes its evenings with and at the Cabaret Random, the Embobineuse and several other places in Marseille, cherishing its privileged partnerships with structures such as the Actoral Festival or the Spring of Contemporary Art.

------- TRANSFORM BAUHAUS -------

An event organized as part of "Transforming the Bauhaus", flagship event of the Printemps de l'art contemporain (PAC).

On the occasion of the 100 years of the Bauhaus, the Friche la Belle de Mai and the Goethe-Institut offer a series of events dedicated to the mythical school during the Spring of Contemporary Art (PAC).

Entrusted to Jean-Christophe Arcos (curator and art critic based in Paris), Anne-Valérie Gasc (artist and teacher at the School of Architecture of Marseille) and Judith Lavagna (curator and pedagogue based in Berlin), this program makes a bridge between past and present, between France and Germany.

The scope of the Bauhaus has gone far beyond the borders: founded by the architect Walter Gropius, the school brought together the most outstanding actors of the European avant-gardes, from Wassily Kandinsky to Marcel Breuer, from Mies van der Rohe to Paul Klee. She strongly influenced architecture and invented design, dedicated abstract art and theorized modernism.

The events organized in Marseille celebrate this community of artists, designers, architects, but also the spirit of a meeting of different artistic forms beyond disciplines, and beyond nostalgia. Party, exhibition, performances, videos, virtual reality: the Bauhaus is alive and well at La Friche.

------- ON AIR -------

On Air is a co-production Friche la Belle de Mai and Les Grandes Tables de la Friche

The On Air parties take place on the roof terrace of the Friche every Friday and Saturday from 19h to 23h from June 1 to September 8, find all the programming on

Every Saturday from June 1st, during the On Air evenings, the exhibition in the Panorama (accessible directly from the rooftop terrace) is free from 7pm to 10pm.