Café Poly

4 May 2019 20:00
→ 4 May 2019 22:30
Polyamour Strasbourg, La Station LGBTI Alsace
La Station LGBTI Alsace
7 Rue des Écrivains - Strasbourg
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You are polyamorous, neophyte or confirmed, poly friendly, poly accepting, monogamous in questioning, relational anarchist, poly family or just curious?

Come and meet us at the poly café of Strasbourg to exchange in all kindness around polyamour, its small joys as its hazards. You are all welcome, whatever your gender or orientation!
The Station that opens us warmly every first Saturday of the month at 20h. In order not to compete with their associative cafe, we ask you not to bring back to drink or to eat that evening, thank you ♥