Café Polyamour à Lille

19 Feb 2020 20:30
→ 19 Feb 2020 23:00
Liquium, Polyamour Lille
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Next coffee discussion around Polyamour.

The evening begins at 20:30. Everyone is welcome, whether to discover, talk about their experience, or simply listen ...
Catering possible on site (It's very good, and not expensive at all).

Can we love several people at the same time? How to manage multiple relationships in parallel, with all concerned, aware and happy about the situation? How to reconcile the agendas of several relationships? And jealousy, then?

Welcome to all, love, polys, curiosity, non-exclusivity, benevolence, sympathy, we invite you to come to the poly café de Lille (as every 3rd Wednesday of the month) to discuss these questions (and many others!)

Coffee is intended for all concerned and curious to discuss other ways of looking at affective relationships than from the ruthless angle of the romantic ideal. The only condition for the success of such discussions, listening and kindness, and respect for the diversity of views and personal stories.

For respectful communication, we pay attention to what everyone speaks on their behalf ("I") and in non-judgment (especially in relation to plural genres, sexualities, life paths, societal norms and the normality").

All sexist behaviors (dredge, non consented acts, judgments ...) or domination associated with privileges (gender or class) will be poorly received.

The event is non-dogmatic. There are as many truths as there are personal situations.

See you soon for nice discussions in the benevolence and the respect of the intimacy of the exchanges