Chat.tes et chien.nes Anniversaire de la Mutinerie

17 Jul 2019 19:00
→ 18 Jul 2019 01:30
La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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On July 17, you are happily (😬) invited to celebrate the 7 years of the Mutiny! 7 years old in dog age, it's been 49 years; and frankly it's a bit like it makes us feel. We can not believe we're still here, but the Mut 'seems to have 9 lives and always fall back on its feet.
Yes, prepare for a deluge of bad metaphors and animal word games. Because this year we decided to make a dog and cat theme.
Why ? HUM ... Uh, because it's our birthday and we do what we want?
So here it is:

The M (iao) utinerie, always ready to tackle new political challenges and put the pad where it disturbs, decided to take the body of the hot question of the historical disagreement between dog and · cat · s you.
Of course, we'll be meowing, among the canine and feline populations some individuals cohabitate in good intelligence. But let's call a cat a cat: there is a hostility between these two groups, and that since the cat 's are chat' s and the dogs are dog 's.

The causes of this secular antagonism are many, starting with a mutual incomprehension (when will a universal language of the tail beat?). But the most important remains the ideological gap: while the tomcats work to dominate the world and all the doors remain open for ever, doggies, on their side, fight to tear all the slippers and love unconditionally who has a sugar.

We envision this evening as a great moment of reconciliation. Whatever your pedigree, gutter cat or aristochat, dog bastard or contest, you will find your happiness:
Pussy tree. Bullocks. Giant litter. Canine hairdresser booth animated by the famous groomer Paul of Flair'allure (formerly Metamorph 'Os).
Blindtest by team, in meows. Performance cat-oyante of your host Jesus the Drain, DJ set ultrasound Dj · endër and full of other surprises to make you yap and purr, in unison, all night and finally love each other between dog · and chatting.

Fantasy dachshund, panther realness, catwoman, Salem, famous cats and lolcats, Lassie, knife *, Rantanplan (even if ACAB), puppy play, cha · tt · e Pussé · e, wolf alpha, etc ...
A bottle of champagne (or champomy if you prefer) and gifts to win for the best disguise!

🐯 Evening open to cousins (tigers, lions, louves, etc ...)
🐯 Possibility to take your humans with you but only if they are clean and well trained
🐯 The security of any letter carrier present during the evening can not be assured
🐯 Formal ban on introducing cucumbers into Mutiny that night (and only tonight) >>

* you know, the little fhien