Cigalou w/ Borussia, Numa

12 Sep 2019 20:00
→ 12 Sep 2019 23:55
Borussia, Rosa Bonheur, Cigalou
Rosa Bonheur
2, allée de la Cascade - Paris
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Line Up:
Borussia (Ed Banger Records)
Numa (Cigalou)

Entry always free in the limit of places available.

CIGALOU? Quésaco? Dictionary definition: "insect living in warm regions, producing a loud noise by rubbing its paws on its long wings." Otherwise Cigalou is also a party for cicadas Buttes Chaumont and elsewhere. Cigalou invites record players, young people, elders, girls, boys, who like to transmit music, the one that obsesses you day and night while stamping to wait for the next sunset. Cigalou, for those who like to dance even if they do not know the piece that turns on the turntable, the music that resists the sun and spray, but we will not take ourselves seriously. Cigalou, a structured brothel, like this text, led by Numa and his guests of a night, who raise high the leitmotif of Cigalou: Sun, Heat, Glouglou it is Cigalou!