Cinéclubbing #1 : Mutantes

7 Apr 2019 19:00
→ 8 Apr 2019 02:00
$afia Bahmed-Schwartz, Friction Magazine, Dj·endër, Nannä Volta, La Java, Bragi Pufferfish
La Java
105 rue du Faubourg du Temple - Paris
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The blues blues of the end of the weekend is so 2018. We, we prefer to continue to party. And because it was necessary that the Sundays also have their night appointment, the crews Bragi Pufferfish and Friction Magazine have partnered with Java to organize parties of cinéclubbing. On the program, a projection and DJ sets that dialogue around a different theme for each edition and soft prices at the entrance as at the bar: another way to finish the weekend!

Made up of interviews conducted in the United States, Paris or Barcelona with artists, theoreticians, Queer activists, and archive documents about the political action of sex workers and performances of a new kind, the documentary "Mutantes (Punk Porn Feminism)" draws the contours of a feminism that claims total sexual freedom, like the "pro-sex" feminist movement born in the 1980s in the United States. Virginie Despentes plunges us into a troubling and captivating initiatory quest with the words or images of those who inspired her work and who are now investing in fields that are close to her: from Annie Sprinkle to Catherine Breillat or Lydia Lunch to Post Op or Maria Llopis.

Composed of the artist and designer Hélène Mourrier and DJ Barbara Butch, Bash Back is a new cyborg entity that has come to smash your ears with a queer manifesto.

To end up queer as fuck, eat all the racks. Trap, reggaeton, dancehall, pop, dance and kuduro to make you dancefloor. Witchhouse, post punk, emorap and obscure sides B of Mylène Farmer to poise your depression and kill the good taste. Dj • endër is the alter ego of Maïc Batmane, artist-designer. In activity since 2017.

$ afia Bahmed-Schwartz is a protean artist. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris, she uses drawing, texts, music and video to eroticize the small sentences as the great pleasures, it stings sometimes but she puts a lot of vaseline, especially during her DJ sets. Be careful, it slips.

Pillar of the collective Bragi Pufferfish, head of Java, member of the crew Gang Bambi and digger good sounds, Nannä Volta offers effective sets sometimes Nu-disco, Deep-house, Indie-dance, Soul, Afrobeat or even downright Pop.

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Sexy SouciS

▸ 19H> 02H
▸ 5 € before 21H (Projection + Club)
▸ € 7 after 21H (Club)


⚠️ For a VICE shoot on Leslie Barbara Butch, part of the event will be filmed. If you do not want to appear on camera, please let us know ⚠️

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105 rue du Faubourg du Temple
M ° Goncourt / Belleville

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