Clash of Tatas S2E3

11 Dec 2018 19:00
→ 12 Dec 2018 02:00
Dragon's Daughters, L'international, Clash of Tatas
5 Rue Moret 75011 Paris - Paris
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Maison Cherie moves back to INTERNATIONAL for the second season of the Clash of Tatas! And for this season II, we invited performers from all the Parisian Drag families. Who will steal Ultimate Queen's crown from Chicken Zhava-Kiki? It's up to you !

To accompany this tournament, we invite our friends from various horizons queer / drag to make a big party, with live concerts, stalls merch ...

LIVE: Dragon's Daughters

Angie, Margot and Manon. A horde of six ovaries ready to melt on the world. In the line of Riot Grrrl, this young female trio overflows with energy and power. Exhibiting their influences as "rock, punk and anything in a fun interstellar" Margot, Manon and Angie backstage their good manners and spit, on stage, their sulphurous English.

DRAG SHOW :: hosted by La Kahena, Zhava-Kiki Chicken, Enza Fragola

Round 2 - Semi-Finals

* The Beam vs. Angora Von Lear

The Beam is rigid, hard and sometimes even slightly veinous. His speciality ? Jealousy. When she does not wash her dirty clothes in public, she walks, apparent frame, clubs and cemeteries in search of victims to embrace in its ideal Queer.

Small doll a little too powdery, Angora is aptly named because it is as sweet as a dream. But behind her air of virgin, the girl is very capricious (it's difficult adolescence) and she is determined to taste all the pleasures ...

* Clemency Trü vs. Minima Gesté

Clemence Trü: "Ugly, but nice. "

Minima Gesté was born in a broth of pop music, grew up nurtured by the strength of Tarantino's film women, fell asleep lulled by the audio books of Bret Easton Ellis and the sweet sounds of Sean Paul Lockhart. Her performances always tell a story, her mouth is able to lipsynch the songs to the highest BPM, Minima is not minimal, except perhaps the amount of fabric she wears.

Before the blood, the shade and the death drops of the Drag duels, each King / Queen has the opportunity to present his world and his talent in a solo performance.
But once hot, it's time for the battle: 2 Drags, a scene, a sound. Who will win?

It's up to the public and the jury to decide.

"The time has come for you to synchro-levitate for your life. Good luck, and do not shit in the glue! "
Fifi of Calvary.

DJ SET :: Enza Fragola feat. Karmen

Enza always mixes badly but better and better (she wishes). So try to get by with 5cm claws. After the Extravag'Enza, she does not stop on her drag music classics.

Partner of the evening: ₭ weens

The ₭ weens are an alternative currency that allows you to tip the performers. We also take the CB.
"It takes a lot of money to look at this cheaaap, henny ..."

Merchandizing House Sweetie

Throughout the evening, our merchandizing stand will be open and sell copies of fanzines, badges, posters, stickers ...


VISUAL: Marie-Violence graphic chart

HOME: Sasha Miskina, Neely Good (Julien Jrrx), Maxanax

ENTRY: 5 € including 2 ₭ weens included

7pm (-ish): DJSET :: Enza Fragola feat. Karmen
9pm: LIVE :: Dragon's Daughters
22h: DRAG SHOW :: Clash of Tatas
23h at the end: DJSET :: Enza Fragola feat. Karmen