Claude (seul en scène)

24 Oct 2019 21:15
→ 24 Oct 2019 22:15
Théâtre Darius Milhaud
80 Allée Darius Milhaud - Paris
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CLAUDE will be every Thursday from September 19th to December 5th included, at the theater Darius Milhaud, at 9:15 pm.

A show halfway between the only stage and performance, which questions our relationship to each other.
Claude, a human like the others.

The Claude is a hominid type sapiens. He works, he dresses, he eats, and sometimes he questions himself.
But today Claude's routine is stuck.
Dive inside the brain and the 12m2 of this character shifted and touching, and who is forced to leave despite his bubble.
But what is this event that upsets his daily well regulated?
With a naive sincerity, the young Claude, played by Gauthier Ployette, gives himself without filter to the public, in a fable at once personal and universal, which will make you shed tears and laughter.

- Bluffing
"A wonderful intimate fable that plunges us into Claude's head. The joys and fears of a modern man in a life so current. Go for it ! "

- Awesome
" It was great. I had a great time. This one on stage is funny, touching, energetic !! Your dear Claude will move you ... I highly recommend. "

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Author and performer: Gauthier Ployette
Directed by: Gauthier Ployette and Mathieu Gaillard-Vrignaud
Composer: Simon Crasquin
Régie: Titiane Barthel
Genre: Contemporary Theater - Alone On Stage
All ages (from 15 years old)