Cocotte Club x Angst : Louisahhh, Zanias, Solaris

30 Mar 2019 23:55
→ 31 Mar 2019 06:00
La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Zanias, Spleen Factory, NIZAR, FLASH COCOTTE
La Machine du Moulin Rouge
90 bd de Clichy - Paris
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Cocotte Club of great pageantry for jumping double bell in the spring and get busy everywhere.
Buds in bloom, first warmth, singing heart and wandering hands.

We have concocted a musical program with little onions, enough to satisfy both honey and bees.
On the central, our international Louisahhh for a journey without false notes and without concession to the magical country of rough and groovy techno, like a pinball ball wrapped in cotton that hits in every way, bounces in every corner, lights all the lights.

At the boiler room, no less hot with the very exciting techie group: Angst (Spleen Factory) and their guests: Zanias and SOLARIS.

We can already hear the incandescent siren of the door of hell and more if affinities.

12 € early birds (excluding locals fees):
15 € regular (excluding locals costs)
17 € late (excluding locals costs)

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