Comme Nous Brûlons #3 • Landy Sauvage • [PRIX LIBRE]

12 Sep 2019 18:30
→ 13 Sep 2019 00:30
Au Landy Sauvage / ex-Clos Sauvage, Comme Nous Brûlons
Au Landy Sauvage / ex-Clos Sauvage
166 rue du Landy - Saint-Denis
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As Nous Brûlons # 3 • incandescent feminist festival • celebrates this year our third edition and first co-production which will take place from September 11th to 15th at Cinéma LeStudio cinema, Au Landy Sauvage / ex-Clos Sauvage and at La Station - Gare des Mines .

We invite you to an evening organized around live performance and free artistic expression, Au Landy Sauvage / ex-Clos Sauvage Thursday, September 12 from 18:30.

• • • The evening is free price: entry, pizzas, drinks.
The funds raised are donated to the artists! • • •
No CB, plan CASH

In the program :

• Voracious Voracious species cyborg in nerves and bone out of his gestation to give birth in .txt and .img

• Cuco Cuca and H. in "Teach me a new language!"
Hélène Mourrier aka H., is a graphic designer and a visual artist * who does not have a high level of vector drawing, transfeminism and the sound of TransPédéBiGouines clubs. Hélène belongs to the BITCH organization founded by Jo Freeman in 1969 and is the residue of crosses between Kathy Acker & Donna Haraway, Paul B. Preciado & Valérie Solanas, Monique Wittig & Audre Lorde. H. fights for queer bodies, in the fields of activism, art and design: because they are BODIES THAT COUNT
Hacker, genderfucker, transactivist and transbird, I was born in Mexico in 2011 cerca del dia de los muertos. My name is Cuco, that means Cuckoo in french

• Gang Reine (drag show / gender hacking) "We are voracious, with an intense queer appetite such as it seems to us today to be inevitable to be agents of a globalized contemporary queerisation.
We are poly-genres, fluids, non-binary, androgynous, non-normative, neutral, punks, gender-fucks, anti-patriarchal, feminists, trans, queers, dykes, biases, intersectional ∙ the ∙ s, inclusive, queers. "

• Naelle Dariya in "The cishets with anise" (performance)
Subscribed to the 42nd roles in the best films of French cinema, Naelle worked for the greatest directors (Yann Gonzalez, Robin Campillo). Roles of 3 sentences that have yet led to several times on the red carpet, Caesars through Cannes or Berlin. Trained at the School of the Game, she is today the only actress in the world who speaks more in the press than on a set ... But her last role in the next film by Alexis Langlois ("De la Terreur my sisters Should -in fine- buy him a street credibility. Faithful to itself, the Jean-Marie Bigard version transpédégouine will present a ventriloquent performance unpublished.

• Maria Veneno in "By consuming myself on the pyre, I will make my ashes poison ivy"
Post-pornographic performance. A play in 3 acts, a crossroads between post-migration identity research and the practice of sex magic as a survival strategy. A 13-minute audiovisual and choreographic poetic journey, a ritual to reconquer the body-flesh and release the warrior spirit. A song to listen to the voices of the past and become wolf "
Warning: the performance contains images that may offend viewers, such as self-mutilation and explicit sexual scenes.

• Lolaloo Des Bois
Lolaloo des Bois is a colorful artist. Dancer, actress and stripper Burlesque, she mixes sex appeal and glamor with humor. His numbers are in his image, surprising and generous. Sometimes playful like a little red riding hood or fatal when she embarks on a Bump'n Grind furious.

• Helena Laurens & Esme Planchon
in "I circulate you, you circulate me"
Esme and Helena move through the definitions of "Draft for a dictionary of lovers of Monique Wittig and Sande Zeig", becoming amazons and mares, carriers of fables and animal bed.

• Tristi Doussou-Tounouna (aerial fabric) sports from an early age, militant and activist since her adolescence (whose poet-slameuse and dancer with fire), she decided to train in the aerial fabric. This materializes from January 2014 with the company Erezance then the circus school Noctambules in Nanterre, after 3 years of theater practice.

• Alexandra (aerial fabric)

• Aude (Strings)

• Rahim (Dj set) - Sounds Of The Passion
With Rahim, one can expect a clever roller coaster ride through all the tempos, between epic trap, gleaming dembow, jumping dancehall and religious ethno-ambient caught in the depths of the internet.

• Woki Li (Dj set) grew up in the TJ. The Jehovah's Witnesses. And one day he broke free. He got tired of knocking on your door on Sunday morning. Since then he has swapped propaganda magazines for turntables and delivers bass in the corps. That is good news !

• Aïcha Sñoussi (artwork: undefined scrolls)
Born in 1989 in Tunis. Lives and works in Paris. Aicha Snoussi manipulates the paper like a skin, the felt becomes a dissection tool that cuts and charcute, giving birth to open, disarticulated, impure organisms. From schoolbooks to frescoes, the drawing experience is raw, in a constant dialogue with the exhibition venue. The ink overflows and gangrene the invested space in which viscera, vulvae and machines penetrate into an endless gear.

• Romy Alizée
Photographer, porn actress and director. Romy Alizée invests in the fields of eroticism and pornography armed with her queer & feminist outlook. Through self-portraiture, she works on the need to self-represent in the margins of the codes of heteronormative eroticism. Her work with models is a research on what we call and valid as being erotic or sexy. In 2018 she writes for Libération on the sexist censorship of social networks and her photographic work is the subject of a first book Furie (ed Maria Inc.). In 2019 she co-directed her first film "Romy & Laure ... and the secret of the Man Furniture".

• Kidcattt is an Irish artist tattoo living in Berlin for 10 years. It will offer all-new flash all night. She works exclusively in black ink, uses the machine and practices the handpoke; she will propose both techniques. She draws inspiration from the queer community, nostalgia and her own life experiences and perspectives. Tattooing is for her a meditation but also a powerful tool for change and representation.

• Kellymiti is a polymorphic nomadic artist. She sails between monumental frescoes, handpoke tattoo and other visual experiments. His universe is full of organic and colorful elements. For the festival, she invites you to come back to the basics of the tattoo by bodypainting sequined calligraphy motifs.

And + still TBA ...

Food and beverages on site, at free price.

always, stronger, desire and anger,

As we have been committed to doing in the last two years, we are committed to:
• Open spaces of feminist visibilities and expressions to girls, dykes and trans people.
• Create a meeting place and exchange, free and solidarity thinking.
• Organize to create a safe space, in which each person who chides, dykes, trans, will feel welcomed, safe and can at any time report aggressive or oppressive behavior.
• Enable the construction and emergence of a community to stimulate the exchange of points of view, know-how, skills and experiences.

No racist, transphobic, misogynistic, sexist, lesbophobic, homophobic, queerphobic, validist, putophobic, grossophobic behavior will be tolerated.

Find the full program: Comme Nous Brûlons # 3 • incandescent feminist festival •

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Pass 3 days at 25 € in limited quantity