Comme Nous Brûlons #3 • festival féministe incandescent •

11 Sep 2019 19:00
→ 15 Sep 2019 00:00
Comme Nous Brûlons, La Station - Gare des Mines
La Station - Gare des Mines
29 avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers - Paris
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It's official, As We Burn comes back and invites you around his political fire for a time of sororities, parties and struggles! This year we are celebrating our third edition and first co-production which will take place from September 11th to 15th at La Station - Gare des Mines but also at the Cinéma LeStudio and Au Landy Sauvage / ex-Clos Sauvage.

Unpublished shores and small local treasures, big visual bombs, powerful performances, radical screenings and militant workshops are intertwined around the diversity of feminist issues to give visibility to girls, dykes and trans actors.

It is under the sign of our double-tailed melusine, alchemical goddess, guardian of our political flame and feminist vigilante that opens this new edition. Like us, it does not tolerate any racist, transphobic, misogynistic, sexist, queerphobic, agiste, validist, putophobic, fatter behavior and it counts on your benevolence!

CATNAPP • $ Afia Bahmed-Schwartz • Englesia • Sink Ya Teeth • RAP IRA • Dmitrievna • Bäm Bäm • DECHA • Three On The Beach • Grinderteeth • Amphère • Sissel Wincent • NDE GR • Rachel Noon • Queen Ci • Mykonos

Eva Merlier • Hélène Tchen Cardenas • Heather Benjamin • Bahmed-Schwartz • Ida afia

Before & After by Dominique Gilliot • Tahnee, The Other • "The Egoes of Heterosexuality" by Marianne Chargois • - "Rose Heresy" by Elodie and Marie • Decolonize the dancefloor by Ari De B • Woman Galactic x3 by Lolaloo Des Bois

"Rights of queers and women in the world" with Anu Cze (Poland), Sasha Anxiety (Russia), Yosef Mar (Russia), Izadora Xavier (Brazil), Alejandra Peña Morales (Colombia)
"Incest, cradle of dominations" with Juliet Drouar and Delphine Merx

As We Burn # 3 • shorts + Indianara •
Short films: "The chapped lips" by Kelsi Phung & Fabien Corre • "They will sell t-shirts" by Sonia George Eperonnier • "Pussy" by Renata Gąsiorowska • "Galatee ad infinitum" by Julia Maura • "The Man furniture "by Romy Alizée & Laure Giappicon
Feature film in the presence of the director.rice.s:
"Indianara" by Aude Chevalier-Beaumel and Marcelo Barbosa

Feminist & queers porn projection, vegan brunch
As We Burn # 3 x PornYourSelf • Pornobrunch • NON Mixed

With Tender Tastes // Olivia's Gardens • Veulourd • Hélène Mourrier • Céline Le Gouail • Gender Games • Grenades • Laho • Camille Potte • Maïc Batmane • Romy Alizée • Aïcha Snoussi • Laure-Anne Tchen • Friction Magazine [Roxane & louise .aloupic]

& ALSO: Hairy Queer - Free-priced haircuts • tattoo by Abel, Laho and Wet Concrete • waacking workshop by Ari De B • fair zine • workshop discussion between trans girls by TRANSSGIRLS • DJ workshop on CDJ - basics & hardware by Sentimental Rave • X-Trem oracles stand by Collectif Art.Super.Saphique • Patriotic game terminal by DIYKES • Dragking workshop by Victor Lemaure • Stands of Sexy SouciS, BAAM and Association OUTrans • Tarot by Lucía Algarabía • Reading corner Feministhèque x La Library • vibro manufacturing workshop • radio programs with Station Station • & more

🔥Details & Registration: How We Burn # 3 • Workshops & Stands

always, stronger, desire and anger,

As we have been committed to doing in the last two years, we are committed to:
• Open spaces of feminist visibilities and expressions to girls, dykes and trans people.
• Create a meeting place and exchange, free and solidarity thinking.
• Organize to create a safe space, in which each person who chides, dykes, trans, will feel welcomed, safe and can at any time report aggressive or oppressive behavior.
• Enable the construction and emergence of a community to stimulate the exchange of points of view, know-how, skills and experiences.


▬ WEDNESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER • from 20:00
Screenings - Short films at free price • Feature film: 4 €
Cinema LeStudio, 2 rue Edouard Poisson, Aubervilliers
Booking at Studio or at 09 61 21 68 25 Wednesday to Sunday from 14h to 19h
24h / 24 by mail:

▬ THURSDAY 12 SEPTEMBER • 18:30 - 00:00
As We Burn # 3 • Wild Landy • [FREE PRICE]
Live Performance, Performance & DJ Set
Landy Sauvage, 166 rue du Landy, Saint-Denis

▬ FRIDAY 13 SEPTEMBER • 19:00 - 06:00
Station - Gare des Mines, Paris 18
First hour at free price - solidarity fund at the entrance
Presale: 9 € -
On the spot: 12 €

▬ SATURDAY 14 SEPTEMBER • 18:00 - 02:00
Station - Gare des Mines, Paris 18
First hour at free price - solidarity fund at the entrance
Presale: 9 € -
On the spot: 12 €

▬ SUNDAY 15th SEPTEMBER • 13:00 - 16:00
As We Burn # 3 x PornYourSelf • Pornobrunch • NON Mixed
Feminist Porn & queers, vegan brunch
The Mutinerie, 176 rue Saint-Martin, Paris 3
Single price: 8 euros upon registration

▬ SUNDAY 15th SEPTEMBER • 16:00 - 00:00
Station - Gare des Mines, Paris 18
Free price until 18H - cash register at the entrance
Presale: 9 € -
On the spot: 12 €

Friday the 13th:
Saturday 14th:
Sunday 15th:


Brain Magazine
Friction Magazine
Manifesto XXI
Les Glorieuses: Les Petites Glo, # 5November16h47 or What's Good Newsletter: a newsletter about pop culture inclusive feminist sauce, written by Jennifer Padjemi and Mélody Thomas, two journalists who invite you in your emails once a month.


Cinema LeStudio
2 Rue Edouard Poisson, 93300 Aubervilliers
At the Wild Landy / ex-Clos Sauvage
166 rue du Landy, 93,500 Saint-Denis
176 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris

Station - Gare des Mines
29, avenue of the Porte d'Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris

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Ticket office open on site, subject to availability.
End of pre-sales 2 hours before the start of the event.
Cut off the sound 30min before the end of the event.
Any exit is final.

Bar & restaurant on site - CB accepted without minimum
PMR access.

▬ The Station - Gare des Mines is presented by the MU Collective as part of Temporary Artistic Sites, a transient urban planning initiative initiated by SNCF Immobilier. With the support of the Île-de-France Region, City of Paris, Sacem and the National Center of Song, Variety and Jazz. Station - Gare des Mines is a member of the MAP Network.