Complet // Garçon Sauvage Club : Libres, Unies et Fières

15 Jun 2019 23:00
→ 16 Jun 2019 05:00
Le Sucre, Plusbellelanuit, Kinky France, Garçon Sauvage, Mutante
Le Sucre
50 quai Rambaud - Lyon
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→ Bolito, The Alone Man, Alenjandro Paz, Dshock, Zero, Kunty Cookie, Shei Tan, Candy Williams, The Filip, Hippolyte Vendome, Meduza
→ 23:00 - 05:00
→ 18-22 €
→ On sale on May 22 at 8:00 pm

LIBRE.S, UNI.ES and FIER.ES The 24th Lyon LGBTI Pride March will take place on June 15, starting at 2 pm, with the slogan: "Faced with racism and LGBTIphobia, let's unite". Strong of our multiple identities, proud of our differences, united by our desire to live our lives without detours, it is more than ever essential, whereas the LGBTIphobic, racist, discriminant and sexist acts multiply, of to mobilize, to be visible and to be in solidarity, to beat the pavement and show that fear is not on our side. We will be present to carry his messages that have been dear to us for many years.

After the walk, Wild Boy invites you to continue to celebrate this freedom to be whoever you want, this freedom to transgress the standards we proudly wear for a Drag Rendez-Vous edition where the arts of celebration and entertainment will be honored by the performances of 10 multi-faceted artists. The most flamboyant performances, with the most surprising costumes, enigmatic or comic stagings, the musician from the end of the world we will have the pleasure to welcome this pleiade of perfomers of high level!



Bolito / Plusbellelanuit
There is like an air of N ° 5 on the dancefloor ... Nabob sets disco clash of Plusbellelanuit, great officer of the sound that makes move, it is not rare to see large gold necklaces hanging from his neck. Bolito releases the raw emotion of a DJ without any notion of good or bad taste. Not purist for a penny, he loves the synthetic French pop, electro beating and disco flamboyant atmosphere Paradise Garage.



@Hippolyte Vendôme / The Consoeurtium / Lyon
Hippolyte comes from the PMA of Cruella and Belle and we would give him the devil without confession. Lyon's rejection of the opulent Vendome de Paris, Hippolyte Vendome is a witch in her evening dress, a wicked hidden under her rhinestones, an abominably sexy cartoon character. No more fairy tales, with her the bad guys get their way. Unhappily ever after!

Zero / Lyon
Zero, hybrid and enigmatic organism with multiple personalities, will present you (TRANSFIGURATION), a surgical and raw performance, exploring the love of oneself and crossing the border between the genres in a modern Vaudeville. Far from the zero point, it is automatically assigned the maximum score.

Dshock / Milan
Milan had already given us MYSS KETA, but the fashion capital has other terrible children, like Dshock designer, makeup artist and perfomer with incredible talents. His characters are haloed by graphic, colorful, opulent elements that highlight the lines of a sculptural body with incendiary sex appeal. We will have the pleasure of welcoming for the first time in Lyon this exceptional artist!

Cookie Kunty / Haus of Kunty / Paris
Chic and elegant, this artist is a virtuoso of staging. Charming hostess of the "Barred Thursday", your eyes will be filled with love and desire for this celestial creature. But do not be fooled by her saintly looks: her nails are sharp as knives and her words are sharp!

Shei Tan / House of Cod / Paris
Shei Tan is a jinn born in the heart of a volcano located in the Indian Ocean. When she goes on the track, she elbows and does not hesitate to mix with the crowd and adopt a human appearance to consume and consume its prey. From you, it will only be a mouthful. Member of the House of Cod, she will make you succumb to her desires and become yours.

The Filip / House of Morue / Paris
Paris ... Fashion ... these three things have one thing in common: we like to hate them just as much as we hate to love them. The Filip is a tongue-in-cheek creature who invites us on a guided tour of our darkest thoughts, our most virulent emotions and our most perverse tendencies. Station your buttocks; you can already go to confession; evil, The Filip is a Goddess.

Meduza / House of Cod / Paris
Severe and corrosive, Meduza, is a character whose strangeness captivates us with its aesthetic, both elegant and monstrous. One thing is certain: she has more than one trick in her corset. Beware of this sylph of the underworld, it could petrify you.

Candy Williams / Lyon
Our Lady burned? The heritage of Lyon, it is still standing! For 29 years, candy williams may be sweeter than sugar, she strides her rhinestones, feathers, sequins and palettes in the boxes of the largest cabarets, Chicago to Ibiza. This transformist artist, high priestess of transformation, has the longevity of Liza Minelli, the legs of Zizi Jeanmaire and the sex appeal of a Greek Venus.



The Alone Man
Resident Plusbetananuit evenings, this animal of the night is a romance for who looks at it. It is by listening to his incredible sets with offset energy that the most beautiful backs stream. Allergic to the minimal, keen on indie dance, deep house through the nude disco his sets are just love.

Alejandro Paz
Alejandro Paz is a DJ and producer from Santiago de Chile. His Sets are recognizable by his energetic approach on stage, where he sings and dances, and the selection of music presenting the latest productions of the Latin panorama. Alejandro has made remixes for artists such as Marc Pinel, DJs Pareja and Eurocrats, and has played in clubs such as Fabric (London), Batofar (Paris) and Nitsa (Barcelona), among many others. Oscillating between hot Latin house and European electro clash, he composes with 4 hands with the French "La Mverte" the EP "The Line", released on the label "Her majesty's Ship

To support the LGBT Center, which is doing extraordinary work throughout the year, for all audiences, a portion of the profits will be donated to it.


DShock & Armin Morbach

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At the Bal Masqué: 15% discount on presentation of the ticket


The Sugar, 50 quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon

Access by stairs on the Saône side
Ⓣ Tram T➊: stop Hôtel de Région
Ⓑ Bus S➊: stop La Sucrière
Ⓥ Velo'v: Confluence stop - The Docks
Ⓥ Vaporetto: Confluence stop

Event prohibited to minors
Sugar and rooftop terrace are accessible to people with disabilities.

Room service: return with Chauffeur-Privé with the code LESUCRE


At the Bal Masqué: 15% discount on presentation of the ticket

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