Complet / Garçon Sauvage Club - Toutes Femmes

20 Apr 2019 23:00
→ 21 Apr 2019 05:00
Le Sucre, Garçon Sauvage
Le Sucre
50 quai Rambaud - Lyon
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→ Yaya Shimee, Juicy, Gina Breeze, Perel
→ 23:00 - 05:00
→ Full
→ On sale Tuesday April 2nd at 8:00 pm

Wild Boy "All Women", the edition where you will be the one you are, the one you want. So what woman would you want to be that night? The one you love, the one you hate, the one you cherish, the one you crave? The one that puts you in bed, the one that makes you dream, the one that makes you cry? The one you're proud of, the one who is your mother, your sister or the baker? Scary Woman, Lady of Hearts, Woman of Passion, Poison Woman, Woman of Strength, Ferocious Woman, Poisonous Woman, Warmongering Woman, Courageous Woman, Street Woman, Naked Woman, Woman in Tutu or Jacket, Woman of living room, Boy woman, Woman with boys, Woman of pleasure, Woman of desire, Independent woman, Woman hectic, Mistress of the bar, Miss weather, Woman fireman, Woman plumber, Woman of Venus or Uranus, Female model, Female doctor, Shore Woman, Nicki Minaj, Power Woman, One-night Doll, Woman of Your Life, Capri Woman, Influential Woman, Militant Woman, Trans Woman, Fashionista, Lady Gaga or Madonna, Bluff Woman, Queen of Teuf Mythological or mystical, historical or political, Female, Male, Singular, Popular and popular, but anyway, Feminist. So put away your CDs of Michel Sardou and Julio Iglesias, because with the Wild Boy "All Women", we will be Woman to the end of our fists!

Resident evening of the Sugar for 4 years, Wild Boy has transformed the night of Lyon by bringing its singularity, its madness and freedom of tone.

An emblematic event of the Plusbellelanuit collective, Sauvage is more than just an evening. It is an appointment, a festive communion during which the bodies are released, and the beauties reveal themselves in their only truths of being.

Combining modern musical programming with iconoclastic artistic performances, Wild Boy transforms with each edition. Constantly changing, he draws his DNA from his transgender, queer, open and benevolent public: sensitive girls with bare breasts, gym-queens with bright red mouth, boys dolls on high heels, Drag queen painted eyes, drag kings barded with leather, club kids, scandalous creatures, codes and genres are disguised in a festive madness. To be a Wild Boy is to be free.



Shimee Yaya
Follower of guilty pleasures, publisher of porn review for soldiers of the Legion, creator of very distinguished clothes, Shimee has the banter of a fishmonger of Ménilmontant and the fingering of Tabatha Cash. In short, all it takes to be an unclassifiable DJ, capable of moments classified "guilty pleasures". She is proud and proud, so let her enjoy the vibe with her set!

Duo RnB with hip-hop influences Juicy is the new Belgian sensation.
Singers and musicians in the sense of rhythm incomparable, they depict, in worlds often zany and colorful, the relations man-woman with self-deprecation, second degree and humor, style and quality.

Gina Breeze
A native of Manchester, UK, Gina Breeze is a passionate and charismatic DJ and producer. She mixes house, techno and experimental electronic music, and embodies the innovative spirit of her city, a true pillar of the European electro scene.
His musical universe reflects the extent of his creativity and, like the ever-changing culture that surrounds him, his sets evolve constantly, exploring new tracks and sound ideas.

The trajectory of Perel led her from quiet Saxony to the heart of Berlin's discotheques, where, eclectic DJ and astute producer, she imposed herself.
From her native East Germany, she has maintained a strong taste for the alternative music scene and its many facets.
In 2010, she moved to Berlin, where she participated, until 2012, in a project focused on clubs. Two years later, Perel was born. Today, she plays her sets in famous places, like the Berghain, the Panorama Bar or the De School club ...


Kamel Pôl Nawas, Chantal Night
Genevieve Model
Make up Margaux Mouchoux
Wig Joseph Stf
Carrie Bradshop Styling @

Graphic design


At the Bal Masqué: 15% discount on presentation of the ticket


The Sugar, 50 quai Rambaud, 69002 Lyon

Access by stairs on the Saône side
Ⓣ Tram T➊: stop Hôtel de Région
Ⓑ Bus S➊: stop La Sucrière
Ⓥ Velo'v: Confluence stop - The Docks
Ⓥ Vaporetto: Confluence stop

Event prohibited to minors
Sugar and rooftop terrace are accessible to people with disabilities.

Room service: return with Chauffeur-Privé with the code LESUCRE

Wild Boy

At the Bal Masqué: 15% discount on presentation of the ticket

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Number of licenses / Licenses number: 1-1100834; 2-1100835;