Cours de Swing Queer à Paris

9 Mar 2020 19:00
→ 9 Mar 2020 20:30
WCS Queer à Paris
Jardin Denfert
61 Boulevard Saint-Jacques - Paris
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This event may have been cancelled. Please check the event on Facebook and the discussion tab of this event. Thank you.

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The west coast swing is an improvised couple swing dance. She dances on a wide variety of music and leaves many freedoms to both partners to play with music. Two examples among many:

We will teach a west coast swing queer, that is to say defying the norms of gender and sexuality. Concretely, we encourage to dance with everyone, whatever the gender, sexuality, age. LGBT-phobic behaviors, sexist, racist, validist ... will obviously not be tolerated. Anyone wishing to dance with everyone in benevolence is welcome!
No dance level is needed. People who already have experience in other dances, or already have West Coast swing experience but wish to consolidate their bases or learn the other role are welcome.

We will encourage the practice of both roles. We will work on the rhythm, the connection with the partner and the music, improvisation, to understand the west coast swing and have fun as soon as possible!
We will also work inspired by the world of other dances: line dance to work the legwork, blues for greater freedom, contact improvisation to develop the connection, etc.

Free price: you give what you want.
At Jardin Denfert (which is not a garden but a place of art), close to the station Denfert-Rochereau, from 19h to 20h30, every Monday. Thank you to arrive a little before 19h to enter the building.
Reservations not required but desired, by Messenger or phone 06 81 38 05 59.


West Coast Swing is a dance partner. It is danced on a huge diversity of music (blues, rnb, dancepop ...) and leaves a lot of space for playing with the music. Two examples among many:

Queer west coast swing is meant for all people who want to dance with everyone, no matter, especially, gender and sexuality. LGBT-phobic, sexist, racist, validist ... behaviors will not be allowed.
No experience in dance is necessary. People are welcome in this country or in other countries (but who want to review the basics or learn the other role) are welcome!

We support the practice of both roles. We will work on rhythm, connect with the partner and the music, improvisation, and understanding west coast swing on an intuitive level as soon as possible!
We will also be inspired by such dances such as line dance (for footwork), blues (for freedom), contact improvisation (for connection and grounding), etc.

Open pricing: you give what you want.
Location: at Jardin Denfert, very close to Denfert-Rochereau station.
Time: 7 pm-8:30pm every Monday. Please arrive early in the building.
Booking is not mandatory but would be helpful, by Messenger or phone at +33 (0) 6 81 48 05 59.