Course de la Saint-Valentin - La Soirée

16 Feb 2019 22:00
→ 17 Feb 2019 04:00
Front Runners de Paris, Course de la Saint-Valentin
La Balle au Bond Café
Port des Saints-Pères - Berge du Pont des Arts rive gauche - Paris
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After a 10 km solo or 5 km duo, we continue to share good moments and we provoke a few more opportunities for Cupid to work.

Where is it?
Barge the ball to the leap, facing the Louvre - Pont des arts

What do we do?
we dance on the sound of the turntables of Popingays

How much does it cost?
15 € with a conso
Then 4 € the pint / alcohol, 2 € the half, 1 € the soft.

And yes, it's cheap because the bar will be held by the FrontRunners of Paris and in addition the cloakroom will be free!

Only in pre-sale on helloasso (click on the ticket link and that's it!)