Cousinade d'été 12/09 Étoile-Opéra

12 Sep 2020 19:00
→ 12 Sep 2020 23:30
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Summer COUSINADE at the Etoile-Opéra
with our friends from the GrrrizzLyon Bear Association
hoping for the participation of Rebelyons Rugbyclub and many others
Stay Tune / Stay Tune

Our support, Your presence.
But even more, our work pays you: join Fetish-Lyon for 15 € and benefit from many advantages with our partners, ALL THE TIME even outside aperitif
with your updated Fetish-Lyon card (with the badge of the year):
At the Étoile Opéra: all Pinthes of all draft beers at 5 €, all the time even without aperitifs.
At the La Loge bar: Bar & FoodFood: -20% on the drink bill, all the time, even excluding aperitifs.
At LE TROU LYON: entry € 5 instead of 10.
At RoB Paris Paris: -10%.
At REX France Artisan Creator Paris: -10%.
We would like to thank the Bar XS BAR and LE TROU LYON who actively participate in our existence and therefore support the Fetish community, so that there is something good rather than nothing.
A big thank you to our partners!

MEMBERSHIP online; it's 15 €, so quickly profitable, if only on an aperitif:
ALL Fetish AuRA Misters (and French Misters): Leather, Rubber, Sportswear, Puppy, are invited to renew their memberships (offered), they can make a donation if they wish, THANK YOU for your representativeness and your efforts !!!

We hope you will follow us to these different establishments, as diverse and welcoming as they may be.
calendar of dates to come 2020:
06/06 at L'Étoile
07/11 at L'Étoile
08/15 at Xs "Winter Leather"
12/09 at L'Étoile Summer Cousinade
10/10 at the LGBTI Center
14/11 at La Loge
12/12 at the LGBTI Center
During aperitifs have you stamped to be more easily identified as a member !!

So see you very soon, Your fetish!

provide by @Fab