DIRT - Coming OUT

15 Feb 2020 23:00
→ 16 Feb 2020 06:30
Collect'Hyphe, Johnny R. Jane
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The DIRT makes its COMING OUT….


An (almost) secret line-up, showcasing techno Berlin spirit ⛓🖤⛓

A free and safe evening out of sight and out of the public squad 😈😉🔞

The DIRT repeats and comes out in a new space to be even safer, to welcome artistic performances and playful proposals ...

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Dirt came from our furious desire to party as we like, and to share it with you. Inspired by Kit-Kat, Berghain, Pornceptual or Péripate evenings ... Like a very Lille wind of freedom and Love to blow enchanted parentheses, without increasing our carbon footprint to run in BERLIN or elsewhere.

Gather on the dance floor people from all walks of life with common denominators: the love of good sound, the desire to let go with tolerance and kindness, the temptation to discover the Other ... as an invitation sharing and respect.

Between the "vertical" evenings, where you can't even consider a hug, and the "horizontal" evenings, where you can't dance ... We are looking for the beautiful Diagonal: break out of the compartmentalization, standards, between oneself and imposed codes ... Overcoming borders and labels: social, gender, age, physical or orientation ... To remove our own complexes and inhibitions. Treat yourself to joy and smiles ... A free party in every sense of the word.

The Dirt is therefore a hedonistic safe zone, an incubator for our pleasures where you can dance, explore, watch, hover, have a drink, get to know yourself, dress as you wish or not at all, show off, watch , mix yourself, kiss you, play, participate or not ... in short, where you can have fun as you like or as you have never dared ... without fear of the big bad guys, the beefy security, or all simply to be judged

Because Lille is ours. Also; o)
And it was time ...
And it's not Choupi Chatte, Hedone, La LOBOS, House of Jambon Beurre, LA TECHNOPOUF ... who will tell you the opposite!
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At Dirt, the key word is: everyone takes care of others. We also want the night to nourish the day in different ways:

- by integrating greater respect for the environment with
a bar without disposable plastic and especially the free water available.

- by organizing a solidarity collection each evening (info to follow)

- by ensuring in partnership with Spiritek Asso the presence of a risk reduction stand

- by mobilizing a nice team of volunteers to watch over everyone

The evening is non-profit: we are all volunteers and the profits are donated to the Collect'Hyphe association for the organization of the next festive and united events.

We ask you, on your side, to be an actor of the evening, not just consumers: taking care of the place and especially of the others, and participating if you wish in the collection that we organize.


🎫 No ticket office on site - pre-sales only (PAF 11 €) -! limited number!

⚠️ Access to the evening and to the ticket office is reserved for members of the FB secret DIRT group, safe zone oblige. To join the group, or invite someone who is not part of it, please send your PM request to Lateam Hyphe ( https://www.facebook.com/lateam.hyphe ).

⏰ Reception of participants from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. If your professional obligations do not allow you to arrive in this niche, please notify us by MP.

🔞Event reserved for 18+. You can ask for proof of identity at the entrance.

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📭 The Smile terrace (3rd floor)
3, Rue Ernest Deconynck
59800 LILLE

VestThe cloakroom is included in your PAF. A space is provided to change you. The cloakroom is on hangers, do not hesitate to take a bag if you have a lot of business.

📵 No photo: what happens at the DIRT remains at the DIRT.

🚫 No GHB 🚫 Among all the substances that exist, GHB / GBL has proven its dangerousness: high risks of coma, accidental consumption following the forgetting of a “dosed” glass ... Zero judgment but we ask you to play the game and refrain from bringing / consuming this substance to the DIRT.