DJ set : Wakanda

7 Dec 2018 21:30
→ 8 Dec 2018 01:30
Wakanda, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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"Everything is song in the universe, the human being is a symphony. "

Wakanda is native to French Guiana, a wild land where ethnic diversity is its strength. It draws its energy from this cultural miscegenation.

Dj and musician, Wakanda is what's called a musical cook. She has the ability to merge multiple musical flavors, both in her creations and in her sets.

Her recipe is made from an exquisite blend of Afro Tribal Rhythm, Inebriating House, Sweet Electro, Bold Hip-Hop, Psychedelic Funk and Voluptuous Rhythm and Blues.

His cosmic cuisine makes the bodies vibrate, the public loves it. One wonders what it is, where it comes from. It's a renewal, a breath of fresh air and a lightening of the spirit.

Wakanda is also a member of the collectives: ƎLEMENTS, 75 ° Degree and Based On Facts.élyssa-wakanda/