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2 Feb 2019 19:00
→ 2 Feb 2019 22:00
Les Débutantes
15 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier - Paris
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Dance Nude / Workshop / Beginners

Dance naked and why not? It's often the cream pie of contemporary dance, the easy way to be provocative. But maybe it's also a way to be closer to his dance, without artifice, to experiment without hindrance what our body can do, to finally feel without interference. And to signify, to sign, in the same way, without blurring the message. So yes, why not? But no matter how. Because dancing naked does not mean getting naked. It is not to give oneself totally to the gaze, without defense. It is above all to experience that by being oneself, one is undoubtedly stronger. And that it is by being oneself that one can be with others.
By forming a real group, animated by a deep benevolence, a listening and a respect of each one, necessary conditions to the elaboration of this workshop, we will lead together a whole course constituted of simple protocols, accessible to all, allowing us to improvise without prerequisites and to make these experiments, these essays and these attempts, precisely to explore our possibilities, but also and especially what we feel and how it can be the engine of our actions.
And then we'll know what it's like to change to dancing naked, if it even changes something.

Workshop led by Thomas Adam-Garnung
(At the same time professor of philosophy and visual artist, he leaves the two to devote himself to the theater and to the dance He founded and directs a troupe, the Beginners, made up of amateur and professional artists, in a spirit of openness and perpetual and fruitful frictions, first staging classical pieces such as Shakespeare's Macbeth or Aeschylus' Oresteia, before designing more and more hybrid projects, his last four plays were performed in Paris and in France, but also in Brussels and New York.In parallel to his stage productions, he directs video works around the dance.)

"Because I often work with amateurs, I know that dance is not just for virtuosos, seasoned and seasoned artists. Each of us can practice it, at home in the privacy, or at a party for example. But it is also present, without being noticed, in our daily life, in all the little rituals that we develop, all these small gestures that escape us. And I also know that it allows us to be more present in a newfound listening to oneself and to others. It is in this spirit that I wish to lead this workshop. "

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Internship open to all, from 18 years.
Price: 55 € for the whole course.

A restitution can be organized during the last session of the course. The conditions of this restitution will be discussed with the group. To do this, it is necessary to be available at least the last two sessions.

Sunday 27 January from 4pm to 7pm (So Schnell studio)
Saturday, February 2 from 7 pm to 10 pm (studio May B)
Sunday March 17th from 7pm to 10pm (studio May B)
Sunday, March 31 from 4 pm to 7 pm (So Schnell studio)
Sunday April 7th from 4pm to 7pm (So Schnell studio)
Sunday, April 14 from 1 pm to 3 pm (studio May B)

Location: Micadanses
15 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier (2nd basement) 75004 Paris

Information and registration: administration@lesdebutantes.fr