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13 Dec 2018 19:00
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Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche
Librairie Les Mots à la Bouche
6 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie - Paris
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Come discover the life and work of Mikhail Kuzmin, Oscar Wilde of St. Petersburg (1872-1936), with Bernard Kreise (translator) and Yvan Quintin (publisher).

The following books will be mentioned:
The wings, The trout breaks the ice, Mikhail Kuzmin (Living as an artist) and Songs of Alexandria (the latter to be published in 2019).

About the book "Mikhail Kuzmin, live as an artist" (published by ErosOnyx):
Thirty years of research. After working on Bely, John Malmstad undertook the harsh task of rehabilitating Mikhail Kuzmin that the Soviet regime had overshadowed for over 50 years, partly because of his homosexuality. In the 70s, with the help of V. Markov, he established a first edition of the works and life of the Russian poet, published in 1977 in Munich. This publication made him meet Nicolas Bogomolov, a researcher and professor of Russian literature in Moscow, who was also enthusiastic about Kuzmin. Both then mobilized their forces to exhume texts and documents of any kind long buried, especially the newspaper and the correspondence of Kuzmin. Together they publish Mikhail Kuzmin: an art, a life, a time in Moscow in 1996.

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