Des TransPédéGouines font leur ACABaret

15 Jun 2019 14:00
→ 16 Jun 2019 00:00
Queerfood Paris, Au Landy Sauvage / ex-Clos Sauvage, Pour des Alliances TPGQF
Au Landy Sauvage / ex-Clos Sauvage
166 rue du Landy - Saint-Denis
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Because we are already de facto in the protests, in Yellow Vests, in political and militant spaces, in parties too, links have been created with the desire to start organizing things, nothing pretentious but just to meet us, to create links and to open possibilities.
We were especially told that we would like to participate, among other initiatives, to reconstitute a political community by and for the TransPéeceou and where the party becomes political and inclusive!

Between the collective of Queerfood, which for years now organizes in Paname bouffes of support for militant collectives; obliQ, a montreuillo-bagnoletais collective that is organizing a Queer-feminist festival in Montreuil for the end of the year and the Collective for the Opening of a TPGQF self-managed social center, an enthusiastic dynamic has been created.

We then wanted to organize this day TransPédéGouine Queer Feminist (TPGQF) to gather around a classic program of activities worthy of the best self-managed meetings: with workshops, discussions, performances (the famous cabaret), music, and of course to drink and eat!

It is at Landy Sauvage that we organize to welcome you, a squat of St-Denis who has just celebrated its first year of existence ...


From 14h!

- Bike self repair // 15h to 16h30
Exchange of know-how around bike mechanics and the reuse of spare parts. Tools and experience available!
Mixed choice without cis guy. *
By the Wild Landy

- Experience of racialized bodies // 16h to 18h
Discussions and workshop painting around the themes of the body, racialization, memories of colonization, exploitation at work and survival strategies.
Non-mixed racialized / non-white people.
By Gaétan, Ayden and Thabi
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- Queers we are here! Reflections on the movement GJ // 17h to 19h
As TPG, the movement of yellow vests has necessarily jostled us ... With a few weeks of decline, we propose to take stock. The way we lived. From what we could have done. From what can still be ...

- * the strength is in you! * // 15h to 17h
TPG rewriting workshop that will help you discover how to rework and perform your current texts to make them even more sparkling, smashing, noisy or soft.
Unmixed TPG / queer-max. 10 people.
By Camille Cornu + Claire Finch
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- Dance contact // 15h to 17h
A space for feminist and queer dance, investigative around movement and bodies, our political bodies and our physical bodies.
Mixed trans, dykes, crazy, chicks -bi and allies heteras.
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- Feminist self-defense // 15h to 19h
Organized by the anarchafeminists of the FRAP-Front Antipatriarcal of the CGA-RP: to defend oneself, to take power and force in the street or in demonstration! Friendly and necessary moment in this period of struggle. Let's learn to resist and organize together! With a street self-defense trainer.
Non-mixed women, dykes, trans.
Max. 30 people.
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- Drag King / Drag Fuck // 16h to 17h30
This workshop proposes to deconstruct genres and desires from the material specificities of bodies, to get out of the usual performances and to imitate / initiate new ones.
The workshop is open to intersex people, trans girls, trans guys, non-binary people and cis girls.
max. 15 people.
By Jay Thelo
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- Space zines + Infokiosque // 15h to 17h
Infokiosque zines tables + guests: 'Trans grrrrls + the delicate boys + rer q + Pd The review + Sapir + qitoko + raph + Adel + Ayden + Sweet sweetie softly + infokiosk feminist and anticarceral

- Silkscreen and Lynogravure // 15h to 17h
Screen printing workshop, open to all, without registration, at free price - Come print a poster whose visual was created especially for the occasion by Billy! You can bring your tote bag or tee shirt to customize them, clear textile because the color printed will be dark.
By Flow and Billy

- Ugly_Beauty // 15h to 18h
Let your mood of the evening shine with a make-up Raw 3D or acidulated, Work your imagination by adorning your body with temporary tatoos, Take advantage of the nail art stand to surprise your date.
By Cherry B

- Haircut // 14h to 20h
Queer Chevelu is an anti-hairdressing salon that has been offering free-of-charge cuts for all types of hair for a year and a half! Political cuts, shlag, just stylish or tidy, Vic cuts the instinct and for the militant pleasure to make you even more beautiful • e • s ✂️🌻🍫
Self-managed haircut at free price.

- Flash tatoos // 16h30 to 20h
Free price
By Wet Concrete


- RER Q + Leslie Butch Barbara - GOUIN.E ** TAKEOVER (** + amix ♥)

- Helena - Poems

- Tom Boyaval - And in the minds of others ...

- Thabi, Aroun Mariadas and Sweetness Eradj - Racialized Body Sketches

- Fred and Helena - Passingby

- Cherry B - Cloud

- Flint - Everything you touch

- Cata.strophe - A hole in the city

- Jesus The Drain - Iesu Yamamoto - burlesque show

- Magda Tutu - claim the gifts of our embraces

- HER ^ KIND - Legal Tender + evil___sister - Dj shit music set