Dimanche midi :: Comme chez Mamie !

30 Aug 2020 11:00
→ 30 Aug 2020 15:00
Livestation DIY
14 rue de Bonald - Lyon
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With this new school year, we have bad news .... but very good too!

We, this confinement, it made us realize that we love more than anything the atmosphere of grandma's Sunday lunch. 👵

So, after 8 years of good times to see you struggling to make your pancakes all stuffed, to burst your eggs on the plate without pans, to burn the bacon and smoke the live, to eat the raw eggs, and to see you lose a finger on the citrus press ... We say bye bye Brunch! 👋👋

Now on Sunday noon, we really don't let you down! The team of Chef Licorne takes care of you from start to finish with its generous and passionate cuisine!

▶ ︎ ▶ ︎ On the program:

A Sunday dish that comforts and reminds you of your best moments of family lunch.
And the menu that feels good: Tataki, Burgers, Ravioli gratin and all the other must-haves for lunch!

But wait, it's not over!

The end is a buffet of artisanal cheeses and desserts at will ... YES YES !!!!! OUAIIIS OUAAAIS !!

▶ ︎ ▶ ︎ This Sunday, June 7 in addition to the bistro menu:

Roast chicken with mustard, roasted potatoes with parsley, grilled sun vegetables or tortilla with potatoes and seasonal vegetables, gratiné with cheese, served with a crumpled ham, green salad and sautéed potatoes .

▶ ︎ ▶ ︎ And here is the planned composition of the “Rainbow Buffet”:

Assortment of artisan dry cheeses and artisan white cheese from the coastal dairy

And all the homemade desserts:
Fruit salad
Cake according to the inspiration of the day
Chocolate pie
Rhubarb apple crumble
Apricot and rosemary puff pastry pie
Lime zest cheesecake with red fruit coulis, apricot coulis, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, Breton shortbread to "pimp"
Soft cake with red berries

So, see you on Sunday ??? :)

We advise you to book via our site www.livestationdiy.com

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● Contact:
DIY delivery
14 rue Bonald, Lyon 7
- 04 26 01 87 39 -

● Be on time:
Monday to Friday: 11 a.m. - 1 a.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.

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