DimancheDRAG : Les défis du Dragathon !

19 May 2019 17:30
→ 19 May 2019 23:30
Paris Lesbiennes Actu, Nous, les LGBT+, Môôôôôsieur Jérémy aka Mamita, Les Petites Gouttes 'bistrot gourmand', WeFriendly, tout le Paris LGBT+, Dragathon Paris
Les Petites Gouttes "bistrot gourmand"
12 esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, en face du 39 rue Pajol - Paris
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Mazette! Since you liked it, well we continue! From now on every 15 days, we meet you for "SundayDrag: the challenges of the Dragathon"!
Same spirit as the Dragathon, artists, beginners mix with talented guests, around a challenge and a game!
We propose to play, participate, take the stage or just applaud, every 15 days! The first, the 7th of April, the next, the 21st of April, then the 5th of May!

The evening takes place in two stages:
1- The Game of Sunday around 17:30, each time a different game. Who will accumulate the most shots offered? : This time the SNATCH GAME!
2- Follow-up of a scene open at 7pm: "Dragathon DéfiDrag". For the second April 14th it will be "I AM A CELEBRITE, GO MOI IN DRAG"
Who will be the best look-alike, the most beautiful statue of the Grevin Museum, the best caricature?
Ruby On The Nail and KANYA MEGAMI, BEAUTIFUL DELAIRE, EMILY AUNT, MAMITA ... If you want to participate in the Open Stage / Snactch Game: contact the page Dragathon Paris!

Info: Paf die: you roll the die, 1 you play again, then from 1 to 6, it's the PAF!
Catering possible on the spot. And it's good!